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Which dating sites to use?

I seriously don't think dating was made for me at all! ~faints~
OK, so it has not been that long since I decided it was time for me to get out there and start dating, still is rather hard... and I am not the only one who thinks like that.

After a long marriage and an online relationship which it is not going anywhere, all the lonely moments spent I feel I need to do this.  I am feeling lonely plus I need to move on from that LDR at this point I think is doing more harm to me than good.
I have been talking to a few guys here and there, I can't say I've had one blow my socks off yet; you know that feeling you get when you talk to someone and you can't wait to hear from them again as soon as possible, yeap, I haven't had that feeling.  Why is it so hard to move on...makes me wonder what exactly am I holding on to?
I have no idea what dating sites to use, my friends Acire & Petra joined the site with me because they are looking to go out as well and motivate me to joi…

in my thoughts today

I was sitting by the window having some coffee, both my hands wrapped around my green mug looking at the trees swing back and forth from the strong wind Irene has left behind I began to ponder what has transpired in this past year...It has been a fun journey discovering and learning about myself even though my breakthrough has just been recently, give or take a month.  It really hasn't been all fun and games, I've had to endure certain heart ache, and also accepting the fact I am a submissive something lots of women in my circle just see as weak, and by no means they will allow a man to take control and handle of their life in any way.  They really don't understand the concept and just because you are submissive does not make you weak at all!  geez - ignorance

I had an on-line relationship and this is where all this submissive side came to be born, but like some good things in life it had to end, I am not going to lie, I am still in love with him but I know it can't b…

Other peoples blog

It is a great feeling when you read someones words and is like they are seen right through you, write exactly what your wants and needs are!
I follow a few blogs and I can relate to a few of their post, some were so honest and explained some truth about how I feel so it sorta gave me a sunken feeling and a bit of shame...another was a mirror of what I hope for when the time is right, when my turn comes :)
It is amazing when you read the posts others write and you can learn and relate to them.  Is a gift they have to be able to write the way they do, break it down so we can understand, the ability to pour their heart and soul and put themselves out there their experience and knowledge and share it with the rest of us; AWESOME!

It is rather hard for me to open up and say exactly how I feel, it is why I am here, to let it all out!!! Figure me out, writing helps to reflect those feelings and emotions that at times we fail to see or don't want to see.  Is the same when you read someones…

...some thoughts in the middle of the night

Hard to sleep this days, keep waking up in the middle of he night just because (long story)...I am in my somewhat-thirties, I was married for a very long time (over a decade and a half) and just entering the dating scene, all I can say is - it is the hardest thing I've experienced in a long time.  Since I was up anyways I logged in to check my messages on some online dating site I recently joined and it is so there anyone out there worth seen or giving the time of day to?

What is this?

I know exactly what I am looking for in a is just so hard to find someone, I have been alone for 6 months and several dates later is just a huge disappointment.  Men just want to get laid, on the first day they are already discussing how high their stamina is ( I am using better terms), WTF!
My friend who has been in the D/s lifestyle for a while advised me not to mention my interest in D/s M/s because it is something private and according to me it is a subject that sh…


It is hard for me to just open up and say what I am thinking about certain situations that have risen in my life.  I am not a great writer, actually, I am no writer at all but somehow I have to let out all this feelings and emotions; you never know where you might meet the most wonderful people, make a friend or two and get great advice you can't find among your closest friends because their lifestyle does not match your own and they don't share your views.  I have met some wonderful people online through the years, some I have met and others are just happy to have an online friendship which I have no problem with.

I just want to scream from all the frustration, run, hide, escape - so many things go through my head on a daily basis that I just don't know what to do.
I am a happy person for the most part, I see the glass half full, the positive of every situation, the brighter side of things...but I am left with the thought that my life is not where I thought I wanted it to…