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It is a great feeling when you read someones words and is like they are seen right through you, write exactly what your wants and needs are!
I follow a few blogs and I can relate to a few of their post, some were so honest and explained some truth about how I feel so it sorta gave me a sunken feeling and a bit of shame...another was a mirror of what I hope for when the time is right, when my turn comes :)
It is amazing when you read the posts others write and you can learn and relate to them.  Is a gift they have to be able to write the way they do, break it down so we can understand, the ability to pour their heart and soul and put themselves out there their experience and knowledge and share it with the rest of us; AWESOME!

It is rather hard for me to open up and say exactly how I feel, it is why I am here, to let it all out!!! Figure me out, writing helps to reflect those feelings and emotions that at times we fail to see or don't want to see.  Is the same when you read someones experience and you blush, looking around to see if you are been watched cause they can see right through you, you feel the blog is about you!  I don't know but I can only speak for myself, they've helped me plenty; understanding how I really feel but afraid to let it out or tell someone how I feel because I am afraid I will hurt their feelings...and this is just an example.

I read a blog today that really puts in perspective what we all hope and wish for in a relationship, I don't have followers because I am new but still it will be awesome just to share it cause damn, I can't write that good but if I had those skills I couldn't of said it better myself!!

Chemistry 101, Chemistry 201, Chemistry 301

Imagine, when I was reading my entire body tingled and all I did was nod, like, yeap, he's right, at one point I had tears in my eyes wondering...will I ever be able to have something like that?  at least in a mutual level, I thought I had it but in the end I noticed I was the only one *shrugs*...anyways...the posts are very helpful! Just arrived and already learning, I guess I am meant to be here.

Sincerely Yours...


Thanks for the references to my posts. I'm glad you were able to get so much from them.

There is nothing better than knowing others feel and go through the same things you do. In our daily lives, in this lifestyle, many of us can feel alone and like no one understands. Yet, we can come here and know that it just isn't true...there are many others like us, that feel the exact same things.

Even I feel that and can learn from others...whether the blog is new and the person is new to the lifestyle, or been around for a while. It's great to be able to read other people's perspectives, and many times, be able to look at something from an angle you hadn't thought about before.

Thanks again!

ALuv said…
Actually, thank you for such great writing, you make someone like comfortable to communicate around here, it clarifies the reason why I am here :)
so again...THANK YOU DV!!!

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