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Checking out a new website..CM

How do I begin to say that my curiosity just got the best out of me!  I was reading one of my favorite blogs "Submissivebf" and saw that she had a profile in CM, at first I didn't know what it was about...I decided to take a look and the results OVERWHELMING. 

First let me put out there and for all to know and view- I joined out of curiosity wanting to find out what the site was about, meet like minded people, ask questions, read he forums and probably join in the conversation and learn (I should probably mention that in my profile and introduction).

If I thought that in a vanilla dating site was not going to work for me, braze yourselves for CM is not going to work for me either...*shrugs* geez!

The approach is completely different, dudes be coming out their necks the way they approach females and it is great to come out strong, and I also understand how some women may like that type of approach and feel they need it, but I consider myself a gentle creature whether some may see me as a slut, a slave, just a sub, and even some sort of property...I consider myself a beautiful gift that should be respected, loved and appreciated, matter of fact Atiya means gift.

Some of the guys who tried making contact with me came out so strong they scared the shit out of me, a few offered to train me, some were very nice and willing to jump in and help the new girl...but a few of them weren't even offers, they sounded more like demands!

That was an experience, but I will stick to my FL...CM account already closed, and I don't think my Master was very pleased with that..I think.
I am already owned and I love my Master very much, I know at times I get very anxious and I feel I don't get the attention I deserve from him, but after having a conversation with him a few days ago I am feeling reassured of our relationship and I know that he does love me.

This girl needs her Master to make her feel secure, content, to erase all doubts when they arise, to love me and let me know he accepts me with all of my faults and all of my mischievous doings...hehe, he has his hands full with me :)

Well, with a new week coming...more trouble to get into...let's see what happens.

Sincerely Yours


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