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I am at the hospital with a friend of mine who is currently having surgery...while waiting for the anesthesiologist he began asking questions about the people I associate with and of course I am answering without realizing he was just fishing.

Manuel is a dear friend.  I met him over 10 years ago when he was working on my vehicle and has remained in my life ever since; first it was business but it developed to a beautiful friendship.
He thinks very highly of me and always complimenting me for one reason or another.  He is the type of person who walks a straight line most of the time as far as I know (we are human, we all make mistakes one day or another).  I can always count on him when I need any kind of help and to give me some good advice, I just wasn't expecting the low blow from this morning.

I understand the people we associate with and spend most of our time with can impact the way we live, act and the way others see us.  I understand where he is coming from but what am I suppose to do?  Get rid off my friend (s)?  I don't have many friends and really don't have much of a social life...I have thought about it specially after some issues I had this summer.  I have kept a bit of a distance but since I am not able to drive at the moment I need to rely on others to move around, and get to work so it makes it a bit difficult under the circumstances that I am in.

Sitting here in the waiting area I began thinking and analyzing the entire situation and geez is he right!!!
Seems like I am picking up some of the bad habits...getting to work late is one of the biggest issues I am having, not by choice, I have to rely on her to get there each morning and although I call her and harass her about this matter it doesn't help much. 
Lately she has been giving me advice I don't like very much...she goes out with guys for money and because of my situation she is after me so I can do the same, not a chance!  I can't even kiss a guy if I am not attracted to him, what makes her think that I am going to have sex just for money...yuk!  I have nothing against her doing it, I don't judge her, she is a grown ass woman and she can do whatever she wants, just don't try to force it on me...also trying to change the way I dress when I go out, she wants me to wear mini skirts, and extremely tight clothes...I am almost 37 years old and I refuse to dress like a teenager, I have my own style and I will like to keep it  that way, they can keep calling me church lady all they want!
If they go out and I want to stay home it is also a problem, I get comments such as; I don't do anything, I am always home, I need to step away from the computer and/or give it up all together, seems that is a problem trying to make certain decisions, everyone knows what is best for me except me...WTF!

To sum it all up, yes, I know there are changes I need to make and I have been doing so, it is a slow process but in order for me to make those changes there are other things I need to take care of...transportation is the main one.  It is easier said than done and with time I know I will accomplish everything I have in mind, but until then I have to just make the best of it.

Sincerely Yours

Pic taken while walking in the neighborhood


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