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My first date

To begin with it wasn't all that bad; the guy was a gentleman but I was really uneasy throughout the entire process.

You can say it was more like and ice breaker - first time we met.  We talked on the phone and it was cool but I knew there was no connection and no sparks but still decided to accept the date.
It has been weeks already since I joined the site and was very hesitant to go out, someone needed to be the first right?

I felt bad for him, he was really trying to impress me but it was more of a turn off.  First and foremost he was using his sisters car because he does not have a vehicle, nope, I need a guy who is reliable and depends on if that was not enough he tells me that he needs to pick up his nephew and give him a ride home, that was a very uncomfortable situation for a first date, I don't know what your view about this may be, but to me that is not acceptable...on the first date? are you kidding me?

The guy took me to his home town, where he grew up and has lived his entire life, same restaurant he visits every week to get his drink before hitting the club because they make it extra strong, he was not even willing to try a new place or even consider going to another town ~shaking my head~
I expressed to him I don't like clubs and feel a bit odd when in that type of environment but he kept insisting until we ended up at a place that gave me the creeps as soon as we pulled up!  It was more like a hole in the wall, a very low class joint where only hoodrats would gather up to see who was going to be going home with who that evening and probably get into a fight the following week, drunks falling over the place, only good thing was the music which I was so glad it was pumping because we didn't get the chance to communicate much.  As if that was not enough I went to use the bathroom and the bouncer engaged into and argument with one of the patrons and I thought a fight was going to break out - I couldn't take it, I asked him to please take me home...I had hives all over my body, I just wanted to get home and disinfect myself.  Oh and he wanted a kiss! for real? I don't think he will be contacting me anymore I tell you that much!

After arriving home I couldn't help it...I was in tears for a very long time, I can't believe I am going through all of this, so hard to find someone who I am compatible with and share the same interest ~bangs her head on the computer table~

Well, that was only the first date, shouldn't give up so quickly, I have been out of the scene for a very long time, and really sad to say I have no game :( I have so much work to do!

Sincerely Yours


SBF said…
Go with you gut instinct, its usually right. If there is no connection on the phone then it doesn't get any beter, no matter how hard we wish it so.
Good luck with the pool of frogs!
ALuv said…
thanks SBF, I appreciate that, I was trying to break my dating ice that is more like a glacier atm, it has been so long since I dated I just don't know how to go about it, aside that the site I am using has nothing to do with what I am looking for...but it is a start, more like practice. Thanks again and I loooove your blog!!!

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