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My FrIeNdS ~!

My friends are just a funny bunch; I say my friends because I am friends with all of them even though some of them have a love/hate relationship going on. 

We are the cool girls at work, everyone wants to be in our click :) can't help but glow *grins*...hehehe, we are also the first ones to get in trouble for talking loud, laughing loud, having loud music, and the latest thing - the dress code, helluuur, we can't help having awesome taste in fashion, and we wear it, we wear it well!  "FASHION SHOW"

Here is a little description of them: (they will be reading the post - I am going to print it out cause there is no way they are going to read my blog, and yes, everything in here is no secret to either one of them; we are all very open with our feelings towards each other)

Miss W:  hot body, beautiful personality, outgoing, takes over - likes to be the leader, usually the one driving us around in her car, free spirit, 'calls herself the biggest liar she has ever known', flirtatious, loves to mislead the opposite sex - and they all for it, loves attention, bi-sexual, does not like to cook, addicted to shopping, addicted to masturbating, loves to preach but never follows her own advice, loves music of all type, does not want to get old (late 30's), always in trouble at work because she can't follow the dress code - in her defense everything she wears looks good on her, they are just hating lol!

Miss M:  WTF! the subject of our conversations when she is not around (LMAO), she has a love/hate relationship with everyone, either you love her or you hate her...can go either way, loves to make fun of everyone, her favorite people to bash is the gays, has no problem telling you what is up in your face, laughs at our misfortunes and tragedies, great heart but don't go against her wishes, when she is around we all know she is control - the leader, she is in with the boss so we need to be in with her *grins*, sarcastic, funny, fun, loves her 80's music (she is in her early 40's), dramatic/drama queen, sentimental - above all, we love her in her own way... Gurl I love you! don't kill me at work!!!

Miss E:  I was scared of this girl! she has an attitude!! half Spanish/white (mid 30's), beautiful, very thin and tall, hates the fact she doesn't have an ass, her fake boobs are hot and she will tell you she paid a pretty penny for them and she has insurance on them as well, you don't want to hear the truth stay away from her, she has no problem calling you out and telling you what she thinks, into fashion, fun, funny, outgoing, a nut case, gets drunk and gets a bit violent, she calls herself the biggest hoe although Miss W may argue that point, loves her black men, does not mind going out with ugly men as long as they have a big cock.  Miss E, you know everything I am saying is true - just in case I am driving one day and you decide to just choke me from the back seat *grins wide*

Lady J:  She uses that name - why fix what is not broken - lesbian (late 30's), very feminine, loves to hang around, fun, funny, outrageous, recently joined the dating website and was actually out on a date with a guy!!! lmao - that was to die for, says every time she gets laid they want to give her a shower after, loves her tattoos and her sexy piercings, drinking and parties are her thing, always have a drama going on or a tragedy on the works, takes a day off from work at least once a week and Miss M on her ass for it, hooked on FB to the point her computer is blocked from login

Lady J and Miss E hate each other, everyone hates Miss M, Miss M hates everyone, the only neutral ones are Miss W and I.

The real funny thing is that we all work together, we do projects together, attend meetings, sit in an office and get along, talk, make fun of each other and say things that in other circumstances and other places they will just be at each others throat, seriously, I am not even joking; trust me, we can't all be in the same room together outside of work, it is not a good chemistry/combination, I wouldn't feel safe, as a matter of fact I don't even feel safe discussing it imagine how bad it is!

I love each and everyone one of them, I enjoy all the mischiefs we get into, the crazy things that happens to us when we are together.  Sometimes we want to kill each other but most of the time we have fun and enjoy each others drama!

What are friends for?

Sincerely Yours


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