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sub to Dom to sub

A few years ago I met a sweet guy on line who was looking for a Dom, we became friends and spoke just about every day.
As time went by we began engaging in roleplay, I knew his kinks and what made him tick, I always pay close attention to details and have a great memory so I used all that information in our sessions and to my surprise it worked better than I thought!

His thrill is SPH (small penis humiliation), and when this is done to him he is not able to perform with other women because he feels he will not be able to please. 
When we started doing roleplay I did research on the subject to better understand the effects, how he felt and thought about it, just because I wanted to know how he was going to feel or affect him in his personal life, he takes this very serious for what I have noticed.
He constantly reminds me what a good Dom I am to him, how I do what I am suppose to do to meet his needs, how kind and gentle I am when I need to be and the moments that he needs me to be ruthless I also provide...HUH?? me?
We have been communicating for about 3 years now, we go a few months that we don't talk, but lately we have been talking everyday, he says all this things to me that I've heard other subs tell their Dom and I am just getting so confused because the funny thing is I am responding the same way I hear Dom respond to their subs...does this make any sense? hellooo, what is happening here?

I feel in a way as if he is also training me, he is obviously experienced in the matter, he is very open and he asks me questions on how I am perceiving the situation, and how I am feeling, etc.,

After my breakup with the one I am so  in love with I have to admit my self steem is not doing that great :( I do believe in myself but I am not as alive as I used to be or as talkative.  There were some things he said yesterday that just clicked in my head, made me feel so much better, it was a boost of confidence, although it is a feeling I already have instantly when he comes online and hits me up. 

We both know this is not going to go beyond computer walls, we have never spoken about doing cam, this is just something we do sporadically when we just happen to catch each other online.  I am not a Dom for petes' sake, and I have expressed this to him, yet he continues to remind me I am the best one he's ever had, I have no idea why I don't pull away, he is so happy when I respond and so satisfied at the end of each conversation that I don't know how to just say...hey! don't look for me anymore, but I don't want that either, I enjoy them very much...I enjoy the control he gives me, I know not to abuse it, and I learn something new each time about myself.

So many thoughts going through my head, an emotional wreck of emotions and feelings tearing me apart.

Sincerely Yours


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