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Update about me Dating...

~Shaking my head~

What is this world coming to?  or maybe I am the one who is confused and outdated? Almost every time a guy hits me up to chat they try to get sexual right away and I mean within minutes of the conversation, makes me wonder if I am rubbing the wrong way.  This type I erase right away or just ignore them, I am not that desperate to go out on a date... 
A few found it offensive because I don't want to reply to their messages or even accept their chat, helluuuur, but unlike them I joined for different reasons.  Maybe the girls/women they have been interacting with kick it in on the first meet and are there for the same reasons they are but do you think they are able to recognize that? unlikely...I am not saying I am a saint, by all means I am not an ol'fashion girl but still, can we like meet for an ice breaker first and then take it from there?

I have chatted with a few that have been kind enough to warn me about the psychos I can encounter, the married men, and others with girlfriends...ironically the one giving me the advice is actually married so he knows what he is talking about.  I was talking to another guy who seemed very nice but when our conversation became a bit personal to my dismay dude grew up with my x-husband, that really freaked me out :-/

I have not yet gathered the strength to go out on a date, I met two guys for ice breakers; one forgot to remove his wedding band, the other was very young and wanted to get down to business the first time we met - sorry buster but is not happening.

Where are the normal guys at? you know, the ones who would like to meet and see if there is a connection, talk, have a drink, exchange some words.  Don't get me wrong, I have chatted with a few nice guys, very respectful, enjoyed myself very much, one in particular I just began talking to, I even gave him my blog information...after I did I felt very hesitant, why would I want to do that?  not even my friends know about it, I like to be anonymous because it makes it easier to express myself, if you can't put a face to the blog it is so much sweeter :) love the mystery and makes you wonder *grins wide*

My views have yet to change about joining a dating site, although I have to tell you - my friends are enjoying it and they went to town with it unlike me...our ideas, views and reasons for joining are very different and will not disclose what their reasons are, non of my business ~looks away innocently~.
I still ponder and bang my head when that question comes up "what are you looking for?" I know what I want, and what I am looking for but is not like I can just come out and say it so openly, it is something that comes with time and trust depending on the chemistry...ugh, how frustrating is this dating business. 
Lets see what develops but in the meantime I am going out with my friends, keeping myself busy and enjoying my time.

Sincerely Yours


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