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Update on the burn

Not even a full week and is looking great already, I was afraid it was going to be worse, some vitamin E and the scar should be gone in no time!

So far the only thing I have used in the healing process is Vaseline! yup, and it worked lovely.

I haven't cooked much since the incident and it is something I don't mind giving up except for when I want to go Betty Crocker (Cock'er) in the kitchen *grins*

Let's see how it will look a week from today :)

Sincerely Yours


Sending me over the edge!

It is just one of the sexiest things...

I was asked about the lips in the pic, and yes, those are my lips

Sincerely Yours

Is going great

Making changes has not been as hard as I thought it would be, keeping certain negativity away has been. 
It is hard walking away from old habits and friends but when faced with certain choices and decisions I really had to listen to my voice of reason and stand up for what I believe.

It has been a while since I have seen my life changing here and there, and nothing that I approve of for that matter.  I thought I was getting great advice from my friends, I thought they knew more than I did because they were experienced, but reality check! It is not my life style, it is not how I want to live, it is not the type of advice I needed and wanted.
I was told countless times I needed to make changes; the way I dress, I needed to go out more often, make plans, meet more people, join dating sites, date, sleep with guys for money, renounce my love, not to text while I was in the car, not talk on the phone, quit the Internet...WTF!! am I allowed to breath?  What really did it for me was that ever…

Thirsty Thursday!

I personally do not enjoy alcohol, I have a beer or two or just a couple of mixed drinks, as soon as I feel the buzz I stop!

Thursday is when the weekend begins for most people.  College night for most pubs in the area and with the Halloween weekend here things are just going to be wild!!

** Always do sober what you said you'd do when you are drunk**
Not going out this weekend, but it doesn't mean I don't have any plans :)

Sincerely Yours

Finding out my Kinks

Let me see..hum, how do I beging to explain it...
I've always had a fear of getting tied down, whether it is with handcuffs, ropes, hankerchief, any type of restrains scare the living crap out of me...not that I have ever tried it in the bedroom-it is something I stayed away from and was taboo as well. 
Spanking, oh lordy lordy, I love that! I always knew I did but the more research I do on the subject and the pictures I see can't help but drip!!

Lately I have been extremely curious about the ropes, the thought of it arouses me, each time we discuss it or the subject comes up, a few emotes and I am all over the place ready to be restrained. 
I have some ropes I bought to put around myself in the meditation sessions and used them once, I noticed the tighter they were the more I enjoyed it, hot diggity damn.  I enjoyed the way it looked wrapped around and even wore them the next day for work, what a great feeling, the part that was more arousing was knowing I had that on and n…

Hump Day/Whip'em Out Wednesday

Hump day for some and Whip'em out Wednesday for others!

Ladies - make someone happy on their way home today, slip them beautiful breast out and shake'm!!

Sincerely Yours

...but everything happens for a reason


My ego is hurting more than my lip/chin *cries*

I was cooking and when I went to put the meat in the pan oil just splashed out hitting my lip/chin and my chest :( not so happy about that!

Vitamin E to the rescue! I hope and pray that it doesn't leave a mark.

Everything happens for a reason, instead of complaining about it I am just thankful it wasn't worse than what it is, that it was only a small area and it could be easily fixed.  In some sick way I am glad it happened, yes, you may think I am crazy for saying something like that, but I do have my reasons behind it! 

Every Halloween weekend I go out with certain people and it is sorta of a tradition but since I don't want to go out with them this is the perfect excuse to stay in.  The discussion of places to visit came up during lunch, the party starts on Thursday all the way til Saturday and there is no way I am going out looking like this...sooooo this girly stays home.  There are certain things I want to do - …

Heading on a new Direction - Making Changes

wow, so much to say I don't even know where to begin...but it has been hard keeping up, life has unexpectedly become so busy is not even funny, but in a good way!!

Best part of it all is that things have changed for the better :) in only 3 weeks my life turned around in a way that is unexplainable.

Keeping to myself this days, not going out, thinking so much on what to do and other areas to improve.  I know I will have my set backs but I know now what I am suppose to do and how to do it.

For quite sometime things weren't working out in my favor, to my advantage, as soon as I cut out certain people out of my life everything changes...coincidence?  I think not!
It is incredible how a person can fail at everything they do just because of association (hanging out with the wrong person). Now, I am not blaming anyone for the things that happened, but negativity and envy will really make a huge impact on our lives. I didn't believe this myself until it happened to me.

Sincerely …

Good Weekend & Lessons Learned

I am really happy to report I enjoyed my weekend, nothing out of the ordinary happened, but it was very interesting in its own way :)

Friday was an evening to rest after I came out of work for I felt that it was the longest day I had in the week...I lounged for hours on the couch watching TV after work, and to everyones' surprise I passed out (becoming a habit).

I was not planning to go out Saturday other than running a few errands through the day but the X-husband called asked me if I wanted to do something that evening and of course I jumped on the opportunity, not having my vehicle on the road limits the places I can go to and the time I can do things; public transportation sucks in this towns/cities, specially during the weekend...

I had a chance to go out with the girls but trying to do different things and change atmosphere (more like changing friends), I know they are not happy I have been doing things on my own (my own things) or staying out of the loop but I made the righ…

Ready for Dress-Up

One of my favorite holidays! I get to dress up and not only on that day but almost every weekend during the month!  Last year I was a 1920's flapper, a pirate, and a referee, hehehe...
When the day comes that I live with a man under the same roof (my man) he better be ready! I have a wild imagination, role-playing, and dressing up is something that always called my attention and I would love to share that experience with the right person, who will condone it and appreciate it!  Maybe show up at home with a costume, ask me to wear it and who knows what can happen just from that little gesture...can you even guess?
Hint: This little red riding hood is looking forward to be eaten by the big, bad wolf!
Sincerely Yours Aluv


Who would have thought my dear modestsimon had it in him :) so proud of you baby!!

I was surprised with pictures on Tuesday (I knew they were coming...but at the same time a bit doubtful) and my oh my they are beautiful!!! A red ribbon will go a long way when it comes to styling.

It is a great Friday after all!!  Looking forward to Fantastic Ass Friday by Dauntless Vitality!

Time to get my day started :)

Tight Rope

It is said that sometimes things get worse before they get better...I am still waiting. Trying to concentrate on me and things that I have to do, my priority at the moment is "me", "myself", and "I" - everything and everyone else is coming second and third.  Little by little I have been climbing out of a hole and fixing situations I am not used to having or dealing with, rolling with the punches life is throwing at me and at the same time feeling sick and tired of it all and finally putting my foot down and stop walking in the clouds.

I must say that I have been doing everything I can, the efforts are paying off but it is taking time, longer than I would hope so.  It has never been like this, when things happened I took charge of the situation and solved the issues at hand, now I am feeling stuck as if my hands were tied behind my back. 

Everyone is searching for financial freedom right now and every where I turn is the same thing...people complaining abou…


Karma:  is the concept of "action" or "deed" (causes the entire cycle of cause and effect).
I have no idea what is going on in my surroundings, I feel as if I am followed by bad karma, drawing negative attention...I am trying to figure out where I went wrong or what I did to be having such a domino effect of unfortunate events and honestly...I can't figure it out. 
Every day has been a test of my strength and no matter what I do to get ahead it does not seem to be working, at least to my advantage but I am persistent and I don't give up (trying so hard). There are days that I have no strength to keep going, not one drop of motivation to get up and put up a fight, confront the problems and issues that at the moment are getting the best out of me.
Moments like this my only wish is not to feel alone.  Have someone who I can rely on, who will be there not because I am asking but because he knows I am in need and he is needed, comfort me and guide me, make me feel e…