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...but everything happens for a reason


My ego is hurting more than my lip/chin *cries*

I was cooking and when I went to put the meat in the pan oil just splashed out hitting my lip/chin and my chest :( not so happy about that!

Vitamin E to the rescue! I hope and pray that it doesn't leave a mark.

Everything happens for a reason, instead of complaining about it I am just thankful it wasn't worse than what it is, that it was only a small area and it could be easily fixed.  In some sick way I am glad it happened, yes, you may think I am crazy for saying something like that, but I do have my reasons behind it! 

Every Halloween weekend I go out with certain people and it is sorta of a tradition but since I don't want to go out with them this is the perfect excuse to stay in.  The discussion of places to visit came up during lunch, the party starts on Thursday all the way til Saturday and there is no way I am going out looking like this...sooooo this girly stays home.  There are certain things I want to do - for instance I want to keep reflecting on everything that has happened, it has been extremely helpful on how I am approaching situations that have risen and taking control of it.  Meditation time has increased, time with the family is awesome, all the pieces to the puzzle are just coming together.

It has been great and I have been enjoying it, changing my surroundings, network with new people, a total change of atmosphere! cleansing myself!

I remember several years ago I was a home girl, I loved staying home, keeping to myself...there was a sense of peace and tranquility in my life but some friends disapproved saying I was wasting my life and time in front of a computer, that I needed to go out and do things, meet people, date, do this, do that...You know what? I was happy with myself and with my life, but I came to the conclusion they weren't and they wanted to change that.  What a sucker I was!!

Ever since I started to withdraw all they do is criticize me and the best part of it all...I DON'T CARE :) It has been the three best weeks of my life!!!

Yes! I got burned and maybe I was careless when I was cooking but I also believe that God works in mysterious ways :)

Sincerely Yours


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