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Finding out my Kinks

Let me see..hum, how do I beging to explain it...
I've always had a fear of getting tied down, whether it is with handcuffs, ropes, hankerchief, any type of restrains scare the living crap out of me...not that I have ever tried it in the bedroom-it is something I stayed away from and was taboo as well. 
Spanking, oh lordy lordy, I love that! I always knew I did but the more research I do on the subject and the pictures I see can't help but drip!!

Lately I have been extremely curious about the ropes, the thought of it arouses me, each time we discuss it or the subject comes up, a few emotes and I am all over the place ready to be restrained. 
I have some ropes I bought to put around myself in the meditation sessions and used them once, I noticed the tighter they were the more I enjoyed it, hot diggity damn.  I enjoyed the way it looked wrapped around and even wore them the next day for work, what a great feeling, the part that was more arousing was knowing I had that on and nobody noticed, I had a smirk almost the entire day 'I know something you don't know' *giggles* I almost didn't want to take it off *sighs*

I look at pictures of different restrains and I try to imitate them, they not always come out that great but at least I am getting some practice *grins*

so far my kinks are: (I haven't done any of it 'yet' but I know it turns me on)

Def Spanking
Nipple Piercing
Hair Pulling
Dress Up/Roleplay
Body Jewlery
Suspension Bondage

** I am sure the list will grow in time with more exploration and my curiosity, plus my "Owner" will bring some of his kinks to the plate as well...will have to wait and see

It is hard for me to give total control to another person when it comes to intimacy and I have renounced to that control only to one being but we have yet to cross that line...wondering how I will react when it does happen o.O

Question is...will it happen?

Sincerely Yours


Anonymous said…
So glad I came here. I found out new things about you.

Boy oh boy would I like to spank you. Perhaps you could dress for me in stockings and one of those corsets you are obsessing about ;-)


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