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Good Weekend & Lessons Learned

I am really happy to report I enjoyed my weekend, nothing out of the ordinary happened, but it was very interesting in its own way :)

Friday was an evening to rest after I came out of work for I felt that it was the longest day I had in the week...I lounged for hours on the couch watching TV after work, and to everyones' surprise I passed out (becoming a habit).

I was not planning to go out Saturday other than running a few errands through the day but the X-husband called asked me if I wanted to do something that evening and of course I jumped on the opportunity, not having my vehicle on the road limits the places I can go to and the time I can do things; public transportation sucks in this towns/cities, specially during the weekend...

I had a chance to go out with the girls but trying to do different things and change atmosphere (more like changing friends), I know they are not happy I have been doing things on my own (my own things) or staying out of the loop but I made the right decision not going last night, just so happen a fight broke out at the club and I just hate those type of drama, besides, usually an innocent bystander is the one who gets either shot, stabbed, or hurt one way or the other...I am just glad I stayed behind.

After I have been doing things on my own again I am seen quite a bit of change and difference to the way I feel and how I am handling and managing certain situations and of course everything is positive! There are things I cannot change, but I can make changes to myself, how I adapt, the decisions I make...I am the key to my own happiness.

Feels great to know where I am standing, know my position, set a goal and go for it, and people and things that at one point were important and a priority are no longer holding such status. Learning to treat people they way they treat me, give as much as I am given, no more, no less, and like that quote that was sent to me in an email that says "don't make someone a priority while you are just an option", now I understand what it really meant...but the most painful part is not understanding its meaning but actually feeling it and living it.

I lost part of my heart in the process, but time heals all wounds...I have faith & hope...Lesson learned

Sincerely Yours


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