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Tight Rope

It is said that sometimes things get worse before they get better...I am still waiting.
Trying to concentrate on me and things that I have to do, my priority at the moment is "me", "myself", and "I" - everything and everyone else is coming second and third. 
Little by little I have been climbing out of a hole and fixing situations I am not used to having or dealing with, rolling with the punches life is throwing at me and at the same time feeling sick and tired of it all and finally putting my foot down and stop walking in the clouds.

I must say that I have been doing everything I can, the efforts are paying off but it is taking time, longer than I would hope so.  It has never been like this, when things happened I took charge of the situation and solved the issues at hand, now I am feeling stuck as if my hands were tied behind my back. 

Everyone is searching for financial freedom right now and every where I turn is the same thing...people complaining about bills and how stressful everything is.  I really don't have much to say for I am on the same boat or more like overboard when it comes to the subject, in reality this is the only problem I have, as I analyze my entire situation I am doing well in every other department (love is really not an option at the moment, last thing on my plate in all honesty)

Everything is going to be alright, positive thoughts and attitude is a must, even if I am not up to it I laugh, I sing, I dance, talk loud (act like my regular self)...I am still meditating and it is something my Master asked of me to do and until this day I still do it almost every day, either in the morning or in the evening before I go to bed.  It really makes a huge difference believe it or not - to me at least ;-p

All this time I felt there was a rope around my neck tightening up more and more each day...the difference between then and now is that I am doing something about it :)

I am wondering if the world is ready for me, I feel all of my strength coming back, and my head at this point full of ideas...I am ready!

Sincerely Yours


Southern Sir said…
Been reading through your blog and while it i an older post I wanted to comment.

A couple of years ago I read the book The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. What a fantastic book that changed my life. What I liked about it is that his plan is not a gimmick it is very simple and straight forward.

Like the shoes too.
ALuv said…
I love to read and always open to new suggestions, thank you so much!! next week we can have a discussion about the book because I will be getting it, anything that can give me a heads up and great advice is welcome! Have you read the book "who moved my cheese" by Spencer Johnson and Keneth Blanchard? I recommended it!

and thank you :) I have a thing for shoes...and obsessed with my feet *grins*
Southern Sir said…
I hope you like the book, it changed my life in a good way.

I saw you had mentioned "who moved my cheese" in your profile. I looked it up on Amazon and have it tagged to read in the near future.

Well you certainly wear them well.
ALuv said…
Is a great book and very short, I read it in one day! nonetheless when I enjoy the book I can't seem to put it down.

my shoes appreciate the compliments! Can't say thank you enough!!
*big hugs*
Southern Sir said…
I look forward to your thoughts on Dave's book.

While the shoes deserve some of the credit, I think the feet that are in them should get part of it as well.

If I don't talk to you before hand, have a very Happy Thanksgiving.
ALuv said…
I am really looking forward to reading it, already searching online for it and have numbers for a few of the bookstores in the area, LOL, I am an impatient girl ;P

You have a great Thanksgiving, eat tons and rest much!!

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