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Collar and body Jewelry

I absolutely love Jewelry!  I have a collection of necklaces and now I want to build a collection of body jewelry.

I have been researching and looking at jewelry for a few days now. I can picture myself wearing them and the image of how they will look on me, that is the part that excites me the most! I can't wait to take pictures, pose...go crazy in front of a camera - did I mention I have a thing for pictures? ah yes, I did, under my kinks!!

In just a few days I will be piercing my nipples, putting some dumbbells and when they are cured and ready I will be replacing them with some gold rings...I have the most exquisite breasts and big nipples so I know is going to look extremely sexy. (I have been researching places in order for me to get this done, don't want my nipples falling off because of a mistake or someone inexperienced)

At the top of the page to the left (red picture) is the Stealth (Turian) collar my Master can't wait to wrap and lock around my neck, the thought of this event makes me tingle and shiver all over.  Yesterday I had goosebumps the entire day thinking about it!

I read and follow a few blogs and I saw the collection of toys His_Rose owns and my mouth got watery when I saw it...I need me some of those and with Christmas just around the corner it will be nice to begin my wish list early; I have been an extremely good girl this year *grins wide*

I have a smile from ear to ear!!

Sincerely Yours


V said…
You have a lovely smile - I'm a big fan of the diastema! :)
ALuv said…
*smiles* ty V
hehe, I had to look up what diastema means *grins* ah yes the gap in between the teeth!!
Everytime I go to the dentist he asks me if I want to cover it! and my answer of course my answer is always the same "NOOOO"

thank you and I just learned a new word

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