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TMI Tuesday had a question "on your body what is eye candy and what is eyesore?" ......

I noticed answers in which women were expressing themselves as eyesore completely and struggling to find their eye candy...

I understand many of us gain weight through pregnancy, menopause, or maybe we are just thick bone....probably health issues, whatever it may be, but lets be honest, sometime or another we have the tendencies of letting ourselves go.

We are our own worse critic unfortunately.

Some of us do not take the time to fix ourselves, we get too comfortable, I've heard some girls say "I already have my man secure at home, don't need to try so hard", "work, kids, and everything in between, who has time to look good all the time?". 
I have my ugly days during the month, at least I think so, I know a few days before I get my period and I am bloated and when I get it as well I feel and look like crap...I really don't want to fix myself up, do my hair, etc., but the rest of the month I do my best to look sharp/pretty.

Yes, I am modest! I am not going to front on that...I may have my imperfections but I recognize my attributes and trust me, it makes a huge difference how I feel and carry myself!

I am not a model, I am somewhat of a thick girl, true I don't have the ass I wish I had, I also know I am lazy to exercise and I "HATE" the gym! (I know that's a strong word to use, but I kid you not, I get hives thinking of the gym) but aside from my imperfections here and there I know I have many qualities that can surpass my flat ass, the extra weight, etc.

I must thank my mother for giving us that extra boost of confidence letting us know we are beautiful....she taught us how to accentuate and bring out our assets, what made us shine! 

My believe is that we all have something beautiful and wonderful to offer! We need to give ourselves some credit here! My grandfather always said that there are no ugly women just different flavors *grins wide* wise man he was!!

Sincerely Yours


Jack and Jill said…
Everything about this post is perfect, and I think everyone should read it and, most importantly, believe it. You have tremendous perspective, and clearly have given the subject much thought. Society today wants people - sorry, women - to conform to an unrealistic and unattainable standard of beauty, and it's time that people began to understand that while that standard is certainly attractive, it should by no means be held up as the ideal. Your grandfather was right.

Thank you for posting this. You have a sparkling, attractive smile that I could look at all day.

K said…
^^^ what he said. Wonderful post..
ALuv said…
@ Jack and Jill *grins wide* thank you!
I get lost in translation at times and there are things I don't know how to word it out! I am glad it made sense!

@K thank you so much :)
Anonymous said…
There is far more to a person than their shell. If the inside is beautiful it can make the outside beautiful too, or so I believe.

We are each of us beautiful in our own way.........

Jack and Jill said…
delectablyyours said it perfectly. The exterior is only one of many facets that makes up the whole, and the notion that anyone should spend too much time and energy on beautifying themselves physically when what's on the inside is generally more important - or should be - is sad.

ALuv said…
I agree! the person we are inside is what counts and also how we feel about ourselves as well!
Confidence in who we are is key! at least to me!
Florida Dom said…
I love the line that there are no ugly women, just different flavors.
Thanks for the good post.

ALuv said…
my grandfather loooved women! all shapes, color and sizes..he always said that we are the most perfect being ever created, I sooo agree with him!

thank you FD

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