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His Poetry

As a young girl I remember my friends and I would have tons of Petete notebooks full of poetry.  Several times a week depending on the weather we would gather on a hill under a huge tree to update the notebooks, read the poems out loud, chanting, dancing, and laughing.
We tried memorizing them and even come up with new ones.  I can't believe 31 years later I still remember my favorite ones :)

There was an ol'guy who would sit outside on a rocking chair.  He wore a white straw hat, and always had a brown pipe in his mouth, and the sweet aroma of the tobacco that we loved so much!
He would call us down to his house, offer us lemonade and crackers with cheese in exchange for us to read him the poems or sing to singing is not one of my greatest attributes but you can believe your sweet ass I sang until the cows came home, I wanted my snack!!

Our poetry sessions went from a few days a week to a daily ritual...we all looked forward to seen him every afternoon, we named him "Papa Poeta" (Father Poet) and he called us "sus poesias" (his poetry) because we inspired him, he had a name for each of us, my name was "poesia de amor" (poetry of love) *grins wide* I have always been in love with love, even at a very young age. 

After a while he began reading us poems and short stories from his favorite authors that included; Juan Bosch, Pedro Calderon de la Barca, Miguel de Cervantes, Salome Ureña, and many more which in time became my favorite authors as well.

I never got around to thank him for the time he spent with us, the poems and the short stories he shared, and everything we learned from him, but I am sure he knows :)

He always said "Never stop reading, Never stop learning".

Thank you Papa Poeta :)

front & back of the  notebook - 80's classic

Sincerely Yours
Aluv (Poesia de Amor)


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