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Lost in Translation

As I write and post comments I find it difficult to just word things out and express myself the way I want to.

I am ESL (English as a second language), my first language is Spanish and when writing something I stop, I pause, I think, use a dictionary for help/aid, I just want to make sure I don't say something wrong or word it out wrong for that matter...ugh, it is frustrating, and lets not forget the backward words...I am still confuse, is it toilet paper, or paper toilet?  After so many years I still can't get it right! and  yes I have somewhat of an accent *grins* and geeez there are words I have such a hard time pronouncing!

I hold back tons when writing a post afraid that my words will be taken out of context, maybe I said something the wrong way and offended someone - it has happened before and I've had to break it down the best possible way in order for the person(s) to understand what I was trying to say.

Punctuation...UGH! horrible - let's not even go there...hehe

I am starting to feel comfortable posting comments and little by little I notice I am expressing myself a bit better...I do have to elaborate more when writing; after I post I realize I forgot to add this, or I should have elaborated a bit more on that...

getting there, slowly but surely!!

Sincerely Yours


Conina said…
I think you do fabulously!
ALuv said…
TY Conina! :))) I really appreciate it!
Jack and Jill said…
To answer your question, toilet paper is what you wipe with. Paper toilet is probably too flimsy to sit on.

For what it's worth, you come across fine, both in your blog posts and your comments on ours. We know native English speakers who have less of an understanding of the language than you do. As for worrying about being misunderstood or taken the wrong way, this is a common problem with using the internet no matter what language you speak.
ALuv said…
@Jack and Jill...I still get it wrong each time I say it...hehe

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