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sick and random thoughts...

I did not get to enjoy thanksgiving as much as I would have liked to, aside from spending it on my own most of the day playing video games for about 10 hrs straight (I didn't mind that part much) but to add insult to injury I come down with a stomach virus :(

I can't speak for anyone else but seriously...when I have to throw up I feel like I am dieing! that is one of my phobias, may sound crazy but when I was pregnant I would cry before I got out of bed because I knew what was going to happen first.  What a horrible feeling!!!!

Maybe because I am sick but I've been feeling very emotional, December is coming and it was suppose to be...full of joy, oh well, I guess everything happens for a reason.

I was born in December in where I come from back in the days they used the almanac to name their kids, or the God parents were in charge of that little task.  According to the almanac my name is suppose to be Inocencia (Innocence) because I was born the day of the innocents which in this country is called April's Fool.  They play pranks on people and then they say ~inocente mariposa~ (innocent butterfly)...ugh, I am glad they went with my God-fathers' suggestion instead! I have a nice name but nooo, you think they would get it right? nope, they even mispelled the darn thing and I had to go around with a very unique name.  Oh but lets not forget I didn't know my real name until I was 8 years old and getting ready to come to this country, because everyone called me Scarlet...aint that some serious shit!!

It is fun to be Dominican!

I am going to go lurk around, I hope I didn't confuse anyone ;p

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving with their loved ones! 

I was hoping to be at least 10 pounds heavier, but here I am probably 10 pounds lighter.

Sincerely Yours


Myli said…
You poor thing. I hope you feel better soon. I had food poisoning twice (maybe 3x), this year. And I'd feel like I was dying too. Get well!
ALuv said…
food poisoning is no joke, it only happened to me once and never again ate at that restaurant.
It really hasn't been a good weekend for me :( but I am not giving up yet!!
Thank you Myli
Jack and Jill said…
Sorry you had a rough Thanksgiving, although playing ten hours of video games sounds fun. I also hate getting physically sick. Once every couple years or so I get so bombed that I throw up, and according to anyone who's ever heard me do it, it sounds horrible. I really don't like throwing up.

Hope you feel better soon!

Southern Sir said…
Sorry your not feeling well. But 10 hours of video games? That sounds like a blast. Last night I did get in some Left4Dead2 time. Might even go for it again tonight.

Hope you feel better
Elder said…
Hey get well soon, and keep up the video game marathon. I think we have all been there. Sorry it ruined your thanks giving.
ALuv said…
@ Jack and Jill, this year I have been sick a lot, guess need to up my vitamin intake.
@ Southern Sir, I am becoming a PS3 junky although to my own defense I didn't get near it yesterday ;p been playing since thursday...going back to it today! hehe
@Elder the marathon continues today!

Thank you all :)

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