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My niece (10) was very surprised to hear the PS3 and the Assassins Creed games are mine and yesterday for the entire afternoon she was begging me to play and show her what I can do.

She kept saying that moms' don't play video games and can't play as well as little kids ^.^ yeah, I sorta agree with her, I don't have the abilities I did when I was younger but I sure can whoop some serious ass in racing, and strategy games are my specialty *dusts her shoulder*

Last night I gave in and told her I would play, big mistake!  I had to re-start the game from the beginning, seems that after not playing for a few months I became a bit rusty but after an hour I had most of my moves back!!
She was completely impressed at first but became agitated when she noticed hours came, hours went and I was still plugged in and sweating up a storm, screaming - I get into it - and fighting with the darn thing when I didn't pass a mission or didn't have enough time to complete a task.  She thought it was the most amazing thing to see her auntie playing, and I am so happy to say that we seriously bonded!!

We woke up with the same thing in mind...playing - but with the difference that the players  have changed, now she is the one doing the ass kicking while I clean up and get things ready to go over my sisters house for dinner. 
I try to avoid getting together with them, my little sister really annoys the living crap out of me, but I guess I can deal with her for a few hours (not really looking forward to that).

So far so good! Still positive all around, I know things might change after some quality family time with the negative sisters, but I am so down to tell each of them to get themselves a huge cock and suck on it - although that may just be an incentive for them!! *grins*

I wish some people would learn to just go with the flow...raaaaight?!

Sincerely Yours


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