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sweet reminder :)

When I left my house this morning I knew I forgot something but couldn't put my finger on it, I kept going down the list; shower, teeth, of course the hair, deodorant, perfume, lotion, cell phones (work & personal), wallet...I had everything, but what was I forgetting?

Yup, underwears!!

I am still not used to wearing them...and honestly I don't want to wear them either

A few years ago I read a book called "The Story of O" and after that I didn't wear undies or a bra for more than a year. 

Because of work I began to wear them again, just the undies and I wear a bra depending on the type of shirt I am wearing, I always have the high beams on so I wear a smock at work in order to conceal them, not that it works most of the time ^.^

Isn't that crazy? stop wearing underwears and a bra because of a book I read.

from the book:

"As for her clothes, it was up to her to choose them, or if need be to invent them, so that this semi-undressing to which he had subjected her in the car on their way to Roissy would no longer be necessary: tomorrow she was to go through her closet and sort out her dresses, and do the same with her underclothing by going through her dresser drawers.  She would hand over to him absolutely everything she found in the way of belts and panties; the same for any brassieres like the one whose straps he had had to cut before he could remove it, any full slips which covered her breasts, all the blouses and dresses which did not open up the front, and any skirts too tight to be raised with a  single movement.  She was to have other brassieres, other blouses, other dresses made.  Meanwhile, she was suppose to visit the corset maker with nothing on under her blouse or sweater?  Yes, she was to go with nothing on underneath.  If someone should notice, she could explain it any way she liked, or not explaing it at all, whichever she preferred, but it was her problem and hers alone."


I just love this book!!

I will be getting my corset in the mail soon, and I do hope to one day go to a corset maker and have one made just for me :)

read The Story of O

I am still shivering!!!

Sincerely Yours


Hedone said…
Very sexy. I'm not into feet but your feet look very sexy in those pumps.

My girlfriend is an unowned slave (bdsm, D/s, etc.), when she was owned she didn't wear panties for over a year. When she went on her own, the day I helped her move I gave her a box of pretty panties all in her favorite color.
ALuv said…
*smiles* thank you! I love high heels, they make me feel extremely sexy!
And that is an awesome gesture on your behalf, I think a man buying undies for his woman is the one of the sexiest things ever!!

Southern Sir said…
Very nice heels aLuv and I like the nial color too.
ALuv said…
thank you very much Souther Sir :) I didn't even notice my nail colors where showing :p you pay close attention to details!

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