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TMI Tuesday ~ Cooking ~

In the United States Thanksgiving is this week, so a lot of folks will be cooking up a storm in preparation.  Many other holiday will occur over the next month around the world and everyone seems to celebrate with food, hence TMI Tuesday theme...COOKING!!!

1.  Haagen-Daz or Ben & Jerry's?

Neither! Jay Gee's Ice Cream for me! nom nom is home made, their coconut ice cream is just the bestest!!!

2.  What is always in  your refrigerator?

We always have milk, orange juice, eggs, butter, ham, cheese, ketchup, onions, garlic, peppers, milk of magnesia, and of course the arm & hammer fridge fresh...hehehe

3.  What's your worse kitchen disaster?

I've had a few...I am as clumsy as they come!
I was making a yellow rice, after putting all the seasoning in the pot I went to add the oil and noticed it was blue, yup I added tide instead.  And I will never forget the time I almost burned down the entire block with some beans I set on the stove, fell asleep and the firefighter woke me up by breaking the window trying to save me...all I could think about was how good those beans were going to be if they didn't burn :(
I can keep going.....

4.  Favorite kitchen gadget?

why must we go there!! I love the kitchen! all the gadgets in there are my favorite, I seriously don't think they feel the same way about me *grins wide*

5.  What was your last meal?  Did you like it?

I had Dominican Spaguetti and yes there is a huge difference of how it is made and the taste of course!  I love my cooking!! waaat?!! I am my most faithful fan.

6.  What's your favorite cookie?

Dunkin Donuts chocolate chunk! mmmmmmmm they are so yummy! 

Recipe: Drive thru or walk in - made to order!!!

~~Play TMI Tuesday, see what others have to say! Have an awesome thanksgiving!!!

Sincerely Yours


Ashly Star said…
Coconut ice creams sounds nice, that's a flavor I've never had before.

You've definitely had some mishaps in the kitchen! Glad you didn't burn the house down, heh.

Enjoyed reading your answers. Happy Tuesday!
KaziGrrl said…
Nope! but I did!! LOL

Love your answers! :)

~Kazi xxx
Hedone said…
I like your Betty Boop art.

1. Homemade is always preferable.

2. You always have all of that? I can pop in anytime then and be assured of a decent breakfast :)

3. Wow hon, you are far worse than me :o

I've only started pan fires...and I have never put non-edible stuff in my food. Hmm. You might NOT want to keep tide in the pantry ;p

4. Hahaha! You open a drawer and the gadgets all scoot to back hoping you don't pick them ...just kidding. :D

5. Naaah...I'm just gonna move right along and not touch this ;-)

Happy TMI Tuesday. This was a great TMI Tuesday.


I invite you to pop by my TMI Tuesday:
ALuv said…
@Hedone, hehe ;)
1. Homemae is always the best way to go!
2. I have a teenage boy, I need a part time job just to feed him, need to make sure fridge is always full!!!
3. lmao! I am extremely clumsy!!!
4. I feel like I have an enchanted kitchen (beauty and the beast - be our guest), I never find them, now, how can someone misplace a blender?
5. I can give you the recipe for that, it is sooo yummy and easy to make!!

thank you for dropping by!! and OMW to your blog!!

Anonymous said…
I totally forgot about the arm and hammer lol! :)
ALuv said…
hehe, I think that should have been first on my list :)
Myli said…
Coconut ice creams sounds so delicious right now! And tide? That is funny! We've all had our kitchen disasters!
ALuv said…
lately while I am cooking all I am doing is getting burned, I think that is a sign that I must resign my chef position *hehehe*
Coconut ice cream is the best!! the way they make it there mmmmm can't even explain the flavor and the sensation when it touches your tongue and the way if feels when it hits the ceiling of your mouth...wroooarrs

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