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Whip'em Out Wednesday

Have an awesome Wednesday!

Long weekend begins today for most of us...

tomorrow Thanksgiving

the day after is Black Friday!

But today, today is WOW Day!!

Ya'll enjoy!!!

Sincerely Yours


Southern Sir said…
you have a great day as well.

I've been on vacation all week enjoying some serious R&R which contained lost of reading and some fishing.

Don't do Black Friday, for me it's a good day to stay home and let the lemmings do their thing.
ALuv said…
I do hope you have enjoyed your vacation! reading and fishing - best stress reliever if you ask me!

I have never, ever, ever, ever gone shopping Black Friday! I appreciate my sleep, and my limbs more than a bargain!
on Black Fridays while most people are shopping I am putting up my Christmas tree.

Southern Sir said…
I have been enjoying every minute of it :-)

Good for you on opting out on BF.

I think it is atrocious what the stores do to promote a shopping stampede. While I understand the Holiday shopping season is important to the stores. The way they manipulate people with the "bargains" is horrible. Not to mention stores that are opening at midnight tonight and taking away from families Thanksgiving time. It should not be allowed.

Sorry if I got carried away but as you can tell it is something I feel strongly about.
ALuv said…
Glad to hear you are enjoying it!
do carry on!! I love talking and listening!
I agree with you, it makes me sad when I hear in the news all the bad things that happen to people on that day, the fights over material things. Even worse how the holidays are suppose to be about family and they make it so commercial!! (hope I speleed that right) :)
Southern Sir said…
I won't take off any points for spelling ;-)

The holiday's have lost their true meaning, they have become way to commercial. Back in Sept. I was in Sam's Club and they already had Christmas things out.

Going to date myself a bit here but I remember as a kid that on weekends and holidays most stores were closed so families could be together.
ALuv said…
I do remember back in the days and everything now is about the sales they can get and/or how expensive the gifts are...lots of hollidays really lost their values, but I do come from a different culture as well, my family is very traditional although this generation has changed a few things around but keep the ones that really would piss off one of our elders (mom, dad, uncles, aunts, anyone who is an authority figure etc.
I can go on and on (blushes) I do talk a bunch and when I get going pffft, so far the only that can close my yap with just a word is Him, and my mom of course *grins*
Jack and Jill said…
Gorgeous shot! The leaves add a nice autumnal touch, though you must know we are focused elsewhere. ;)
ALuv said…
*smiles* thank you I really wanted to add a bit of autumn in, I guess it worked!!
William said…
Very nice picture. I'm enjoying your blog now that I found it. Thank you for joining mine.

ALuv said…
Glad you like it William *smiles*

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