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Anything exciting happened to you this weekend?


Every time I get asked that question I go into a little trance...not because I am thinking of everything exciting that happened but because nothing exciting really happened!!  The funny thing about it is that they ask me this same question every Monday...and I give them the same answer over and over again...You would think that after asking me that question 48 times this year and me giving them same answer 48 times they would get the hint...but nooooo, I think they are still hopeful I guess.

I understand for things to happen I have to go out there and actually do something but I spend most of my time at home and wait for things to come to me rather than going out there.  I do love the comfort of my home and wish I could go out and find some excitement, network, find interesting things to do nonetheless I just can't find it in me to get up and go!

I am loud, happy, cheery, singing and dancing all over the place, I am full of jokes, sarcastic, playful, contagious laugh, prankster...when I am not at work everyone says that the entire place was quiet and I understand why most people would come to me and ask that question...they look at me as a little party animal and would think I am out and about all of the time, unfortunately that is not the case.

My time is spent taking pictures, reading blogs (lurking), playing video games or other online games, watching TV, listening to music, updating my journals, reading, and researching.  I am sure I can come up with other things but everything I do is indoor activities and mostly on my own.

I had tons of time to reflect on everything that went wrong this year, put so much in perspective and made appreciate and love myself the way I should...I have many goals with the new year coming...changing my schedule around so I will have time to do the things I want to do.  I have this entire view of everything I want to do and accomplish, I plan to stay busy, meet new people and every weekend do something interesting, fun, and educational of course (I am such a sucker for history).  I love making plans, writing them down, I get a clear view of what is ahead and what is waiting for me...that makes me look forward to it.

Today when I was asked - "anything exciting happened to you this weekend?" my response - "not yet, but ask me in January, I will surprise the shit out of you!!"

Sincerely Yours


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