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I wish it was me

My friends daughter is on her way to a one month vacation to a tropical island...I so wish it was me leaving. Of course it would not necessarily be to a tropical island, I do have one particular place in mind but I love traveling so much at this point I'd take a flight to anywhere in the US and outside of course :)

I can't wait for my turn to be the one boarding, with a destination, a purpose and a goal in mind. Have fun, enjoy, see different things and places, meet new people. Just the thrill of going to a new place is amazing on its own. I live 45 minutes away from Salem, MA and each time I go there is almost like the first time, knowing all the history that took place in that town and I am standing there, as gruesome as it may sound to some people because of what happened, it is part of history...pisses me off when I hear how it all went down, but still fascinates me!

I need to make a list of the places I want to visit and why...I mean, I want to visit Seattle, Washington just because of that movie "Sleepless in Seattle"...New Orleans because of Mardi Gras; Brazil for the Carnival; Hawaii for the beaches and little islands and of course to hoola hoo!!
There is a different reason why I would like to visit certain places *giggles* some would only make sense to me, and the only reason is because of something romantic I visiting Paris because of that movie Sabrina *sighs* yeah, I hear it all the time "get down from that cloud!!" But I love it, I enjoy it, it may just be a little dream of mine at the moment but I am going to go the distance :)

I know this is going to be my year!! I am going to make it happen! Sooo excited, I think it is this airport air I am taking in, is giving me a bug...the travel bug!

Sincerely Yours


Jack and Jill said…
We've got a couple trips planned for 2012. We hope you manage to do some traveling too!
ALuv said…
Thanks Jack and Jill!
Can't wait to read about your trips next year!
And Yes!!! I am really going to do my best to travel and discover through the entire year! fingers cross!!!
SBF said…
I'm waiting till the last bird leaves the nest and then it can be a little more about mom.
Good luck with your travel!
Happy Holidays
ALuv said…
I still have my 14 year old with me, I am thinking of including him in some of my travels, hopefully that will inspire him!

Thank you very much! Merry Christmas butterfly!
Anonymous said…
I truly hope all your dreams come true in 2012 and you get to travel to at least ONE of the destinations on your list, ALUV!

Happy holidays. Take care. Sky
ALuv said…
Thank you Sky! *smiles* yes, at least I want to make it to one specific place this upcoming year :), lets se what happens! looking forward to it!

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