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Kicking Back on a Tuesday

I am suppose to be working but since there are no students this week and the boss is not here today is more like party time!!!

Tomorrow is my birthday, Saturday New Years Eve celebration and a week from Friday on the 6th my first kinky party/club scene! I have tons to look forward to! *grins wide doing some cart wheels*

I do have some chores waiting for me at home and really need to get those out of the way, I plan to lounge tomorrow and see what else comes up, but other than that I have no other plans. 

Since we are working on the 2nd and everyone else is off my boss gave us a day this week as our holiday, I went for tomorrow, most took today or Friday, this place is empty, doesn't motivate me to remain here although I have tons of work to do as well, will take Thursday and Friday to do so, unless of course my ENFP ways take a hold on me and I just procrastinate because it is so boring...blaahh

We went to a few stores to kill some time...found an ottoman, excellent!! couldn't help but kneel on felt really comfy, the girls were laughing because my legs are so short you can't really tell if I am kneeling or sitting on it *frowns*

Our first option was to watch a movie but we had to wait for almost two hours for the first show, so window shopping was the second choice.  I have a few outfits to buy, it doesn't hurt to look and see what my options are.  I really wanted to find a bookstore, I have a few books to get but they closed Borders and we no longer have a place to go sit between bookcases and read for hours while eating a muffin and having coffee.

Back at work just to show my face around, a bit of lurking, and off to the house to take care of business...really not looking forward to it.  I think I have been kicking back way too long and have become a tad lazy, my honest opinion....of course my kids are big, the house stays tidy except my room at the moment, I cook if I want to and most of the time I do cause it is cheaper of course and healthier, but I do love my Chinese food *grins wide*.  My biggest issue is the procrastination! I really must work on that!

Time to start working on New Years resolution but another confession, is not like I keep them, at least most of them, but will be nice to set some goals and see how I do at the same time.

So much I aspire to do, and so much that I want to time to get off my butt and do something about it...I have done some and been to places nobody thought I would, I was surprised myself and that there showed me how strong I am and how determined I can be and how much I can accomplish! yaaay to me!!

For now I must get going, but you all have a beautiful and blessed day!

Sincerely Yours


Jack and Jill said…
You have a great day as well! We hope that you enjoy your day off and your birthday! Your plans for January 6th sound like a lot of fun, and we hope that they will be the subject of a future post.
ALuv said…
you better believe there will be a post regarding to that evening, even pics to go with it! I can't wait!! thank you!!

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