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Moms' letter

My mother is a very controlling woman, always has been, she wants to control everyone and everything around her...I guess out of respect I often comply to most of her demands, but I am not the only one she gets her way with, also with my brother and sisters, although I have to brother doesn't  put up with most of her crap.

Waking up to her email this morning took me off guard, she tries to make me see my life through her eyes as she views it yet I really don't agree with most of it, some is true and I have to agree with her, but the rest is bull crap!!  Seems to me she has this perfect little picture in her head as to what my life should be and it isn't and because of it I am a fuck up?

One of her worries is that I have been single for so long after my marriage failed...then I am in a LDR for two years and some change for which I have no comments at the moment.  Seems to me she wants to see me in a relationship more than I want to be in one, is like is been pushed on me or something.

Yes, I admit, I have dating issues, I guess having feelings for someone else has a bit to do with it.  I suck at dating!!  You know I really must get off this high horse and this little fairy tale I live in...I believe in love at first sight, in that spark you feel when you meet the right one, the fast beating of your heart and knees buckling, closing your eyes and smiling when you think of that person, waiting in anticipation for that email, that text, or that time spent together...meeting your soulmate, your other half, the one who completes you, the person you are so connected with that often times you both say the same thing at the same time, thinking the same thing...I had that connection with someone, I felt that connection, and yes, to some it may be impossible and it may sound impossible but there is something I have they probably lost...Hope, I have hope, I believe in destiny, I believe in fate, and yes, I believe in fairy tales, in Prince Charmin, heck...why not?  I believe in happy endings, and maybe is true what they say, that it is impossible but then again, time will tell and if he is not the one, maybe someone else is, and after all is said and done my Prince will come!

Sincerely Yours


Jack and Jill said…
Some people expect all others to live their lives a certain way, and can't fathom that they might actually be happy or successful living a different way. This is very common between parents and children. Don't let someone else's expectations of you determine your actions. Don't let them make you feel like a fuckup or in any way alter your life so as to live up to what they want.

If you want a certain type or relationship, a certain type of person to spend your life with, or a certain type of life, aspire to it. The corny things that you believe in really do exist, and you can acheive them.
Southern Sir said…
I have to agree with J&J, you have to aspire to what you want and what is right for you.
It's important to follow your dreams and what makes you happy.
ALuv said…
thank you *smiles*

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