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Monday Morning!

Woke up to find my cell was disconnected...UGH!!

I feel disconnected from the world specially coming to work this morning couldn't read aisha's post which is my morning routine while riding the train :(

What a way to start the week...

When paying bills I have to make certain sacrifices, unfortunately my cell phone is usually the one getting sacrificed...

It has been a rough year and my medical bills were so high, I had a hard pregnancy and I was at the Dr. on a weekly basis, then hospitalized when I lost the baby...even with insurance the deductible they are charging us is ridiculous!! fortunately at the end of the month I will be done paying it off and things should go a lot smoother....It is just frustrating at times.

The ride to work was fabulous! Still having great weather so that helps, it did rain through the night but as long as it is not raining  when I have to take my morning walk it is all good by me!!

I have to catch up with my lurking this morning, a bit busy at work and trying to multi-task...

I hope, wish and pray everyone has a fabulous day!  Seems like I will be around a lot today!! My little mind is working overtime this morning, and it seems is going to be like that all day!!

Sincerely Yours


Dee said…
I would just freak if my phone was ever unfortunate enough to be disconnected lol!! And my Monday has been spent shovelling a sh*t load of snow :(

Dee x
ALuv said…
:( I rather be without a phone than shovel snow!! lmao! and yes it is very unfortunate :( i feel so disconnected from the world.

Jack and Jill said…
I hate not having my phone. I spent so many years wondering why the hell someone would want to be reachable at all times, and now I feel naked when I don't have my phone with me. Then I read about the loss of your baby and I feel like an idiot for complaining about occasionally leaving my phone at home or not having a signal. Sorry to hear about your loss.

Anonymous said…
So sorry you lost your baby. I'm way recovered now, but I do remember it took me months and months to totally recover physically and mentally from my miscarriage.


P.S. Hope you get your cell back soon!
ALuv said…
@Jack in this times a phone is needed and once you are used to it not having it is like torture!! but i will get through it, already having withdrawals.
and thank you *smiles softly at Jack* better days will come

@Kitty it has been extremely hard, more mentally than the physical part, working through my due date approaches just gets harder :(
*hugs Kitty tight* thank you
Anonymous said…
I completely understand how that feels...on all accounts. ((hugs))
ALuv said…
*hugs EMI hard and tight*

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