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Nothing Helps

On my way to work stopped at a few stores, bought me some hawt ass boots, pic below of course! Bought some vitamins and a shaving into a friend of mine and finally at work, he was kind enough to drop me off.

Feels like it has been an extremely long day already ! Ugh...planning my New Years and trying to see what's out there, I feel like a noob in the streets, everything feels so new and out of my element...

I am really looking forward to the 6th of January ~FeTrix/FANE Fetish Party & Lady Shera's Bday Celebration! Should be fun...trying to keep my mind busy! Working on my New Years resolutions and other things, I have a little game plan for my blog...should be interesting and will keep me busy.  I still have to get my clothes for the party and something to wear for tomorrow night I want new gear from head to toe!  Go out and Start out with a BanG!!

I made plans with some old friend to go to a pub for drinks this evening, I tried staying away from a few people that I mention on previous posts but going out once in a while doesn't mean that I am falling off the wagon or it will be like it was, but going out to chill and relax with people I know will do me some justice, I really need the distraction, the company.  I felt extremely empty this morning sitting on my bed for a few hours before I decided it was time to head out...but I made a quick recovery, jumped out of bed, showered, got dressed, and I look so cute :) didn't think about the cold...I have a North Face coat! keeps me warm big time!!

**Mothers!! buy your kids a North Face coat, they are worth the price, and is a guarantee your kid will never get cold!**

Above all and aside from everything else my mind still lingers, I close my eyes and I see him, I feel his lips on mine...*puts the breaks quickly screeching to a dead stop* anyways!!!!!.....distraction is what I need!!

Sincerely Yours


Dee said…
Good you're making the effort to go out. It'll help some. Make sure you have a nice evening! Liking the boots :)

Dee x
ALuv said…
@Dee I am trying to make the effort, although is not working much..

@Southern Sir and Dee the boots are so comfortable!!!


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