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On slow motion

Finally is Thursday!!

I wake up early every single day, 5 AM is usually my regular time.  I used to check my emails and reply, facebook for a bit, update my twitter, check on blogger, have coffee and most times make breakfast, get things ready for dinner that evening, take a shower, do my hair, take my time looking and putting an outfit together...but the new routine of walking and doing the public transportation has changed how I used to do things. 

My time is very limited now, I have 45 minutes to do everything before I have to shoot out the door...I had to cut down on my computer time, I don't make coffee or breakfast at home anymore, I get the dinner stuff ready the night before, I haven't been able to keep up with my hair, going to bed before 9 PM most of the time (I used to go to bed around 11 or midnight) and feeling so very tired and without energy by the time I get home.

I adapt quickly to situations and changes, I am not a creature of habit, but this change is something I don't welcome very much! I don't like the cold and having to walk to catch a bus under this weather the past few days is practically killing me (adding a bit of drama to it).

I really can't wait until the end of the year...I feel that with new year to come everything is going to fall into place and many wonderful things will be coming my way.

Until now I just need to accept and welcome whatever is going on...I truly believe that everything happens for a reason :)

Sincerely Yours


Southern Sir said…
One thing I've learned in life: change is inevitable, stressing about it is optional.

Have a great evening.
ALuv said…
thanks Southern Sir :) totally agree!!
Jack and Jill said…
You handle changes and new stress very well. Hopefully you will become so accustomed to these changes that when things hopefully fall into place and get easier at the end of the year, you will find yourself with a little extra time to do what you need to do. Accept the changes as they come, and ultimately you will be a better person for them.

Also, thank you for the stunning glimpse. Couldn't see much, but it was alluring just the same.

ALuv said…
:) thanks Jack! it can be overwhelming when I watch the weather report! I don't mind the walking or the public transportation...but the cold! brrrrrrrr something I really do not look forward to! at least is not snowing...yet!

More pics to come in the near future...I do like to add a bit of curiosity to it!

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