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TMI Tuesday ~ Super Bowl Sunday Celebration ~

Even if their team is not going to the Super Bowl, millions of people love an excuse to party.  So party we will.  Tell us what your ideal Super Bowl Celebration (or any sports party) looks like by answering:

1.  What's your favorite ____ that you'll serve at the party (name one item for each):

a.  choice of beer - Heineken, Presidente, Corona
b.  choice of wine - Moscato or Red
c.  choice of distilled spirit - Black/Red Label or Courvoisier
d.  choice of mixed drink - Malibu with Pineapple Juice
e.  choice of chip - Cape Cod Potato Chips
f.  choice of dip - I make my own, tons of salsa with velvetta cheese (extra cheese)
g.  choice of take-out-food (pizza, burgers, Chinese food, wings, etc) - Chinese all the way (the works)
h.  choice of homemade food - hehe, easy! white rice, red beans, some fried pork chops with a garden salad, potato salad, fried green and yellow bananas
i.  choice of salty food - cashews
j.  choice of sweet food - M&M with peanuts

2. What will you wear at the par…

Manic Monday

What is it about Mondays?

Why is it so hard to get back to the swing of things?

We only had two days off, we do this 5 days a week, you think we'd be used to it by now.

I need to start my day with Meditation and after music and dancing...believe it or not most times when I am lurking I am listening to music :) I love it!

My day started great!  I heard from him this morning...why do I melt when I hear from him? and the wetness!! the wetness!!

Ok, time to start a long day at work!

Everyone enjoy this beautiful snowy day!

Today I am listening to Magic 106.7!

Welcome to Monday!
The Bangles - Manic Monday Live
Sincerely Yours

What day is it again?

Same ol'thing just a different day :/I can't say I am in a good place for I have been feeling emotionally lost, lonely, and in need.Just one of them days...
when so many things are racing through my thoughts.I need to stop thinking and planing and start acting.When did I become so shy?When did I become so emotionally attached to someone that I have detached myself from everything else?I love him, I know what I want, but the question is...does he?Things are much easier said than done, but when you have deep feelings for someone, unexplainable feelings, and you are sure fate and destiny has brought your souls together...soulmates, your other half, someone who even though is not perfect is perfect for you...Is there a reason? A purpose?I wonder....Sincerely Yours

Help for my Job

Hi to all...

I work for a non-profit make a long story short our co-worker Carol entered into a contest to win free gas with CITGO.

The fleet of vans they use at work could really use it!  Vanway uses over 76,000 gallons of fuel in a year to keep the company running and transporting the guests (mentally and physically challenge)  from different programs and departments to and from work. 

If You could take a moment to vote for American training on the link below, we could do extraordinary things!!!

Thank you all for your support!!

for more information about the company ATI Official website

hehe, I hope this works :p

Sincerely Yours

thoughts of the day

"No matter how helpless you feel, you can begin to change things now" ~Moses Sanga"What a week!! Always on the go during the day until I get home...that's a different story...often times I wonder where did time go? I know I am productive at work, although I am still playing catch up on my files (I have to put 50 files together by Monday morning), but other than that I am pretty much all set there.At home is another story; I am a hot mess...I wake up early enough to meditate from Monday - Friday, I check both blogs, make coffee, take a shower, and I get ready for work.
I have been walking to and from the train station to get some exercise, is a good 25 minute walk, today my legs are killing me, hehe.
When I get home I rush through the door, shed most of my clothes, make dinner....I do some lurking, play hidden chronicles (finding objects), more lurking, a comment here and there, watch some TV....and when I look at the clock is 10 PM.
I have laundry to do and I don&#…

Whip'em Out Wednesday!

"Your Breast is Enough"By Pablo Neruda

Your breast is enough for my heart, and my wings for your freedom. What was sleeping above your soul will rise out of my mouth to heaven.
In you is the illusion of each day. You arrive like the dew to the cupped flowers. You undermine the horizon with your absence. Eternally in flight like the wave.
I have said that you sang in the wind like the pines and like the masts. Like them you are tall and taciturn, and you are sad, all at once, like a voyage.
You gather things to you like an old road. You are peopled with echoes and nostalgic voices. I awoke and at times birds fled and migrated that had been sleeping in your soul.

Sincerely Yours

TMI Tuesday Blog ~ WYR ~

The TMI person/team is a huge Graham Norton fan...hehehe
He as a newish show called "Would You Rather" that airs on BBC America (you know the Top Gear-Gordon Ramsay channel...ugh!!).  well, he/she grabbed these fun questions from WYR.

1.  Would you rather wear the same pair of unwashed socks for 2 years or wear the same pair of unwashed underwear for 1 year?  Explain.

will go for unwashed socks for a year, but in reality I would rather go barefoot and commando for three years!  

2.  Would you rather eat a baby or be eaten by a giant baby? Explain

of course be eaten by a giant baby!! can you imagine, dieing of cuteness!! doesn't happen everyday

3.  Would you rather steal money from your grandfather in the past or steal money from a grandchild in the future? Why?

i will need a time machine to steal from my grandfather in the past and my grandchild in the future!! helluur

4.  Would you rather be trapped in a cave full of vampire bats or put a large jar full of bees (opened) in yo…

End of an exhausting week

After much stressing my mom's car and her arrival I sit tonight analyzing everything that has transpired this week and man has it been exhausting!!

I can't believe is over and glad that it is...

Still regretting the fact I took Friday off and didn't accomplish a thing...blah, have to make up for it somehow.

Mom was over my house and cooked *yummy* we were all so happy but at the same time I wanted her to leave so bad, she kept inspecting the house just like I thought she would, telling me what to do and not to do, makes me wonder if she realizes how old I am, maybe I should pull out the birth certificate as a reminder...oh wait!! we tried that before and she just gave us the "i am your mother and you are never too old for me to tell you off" speech.

Since her arrival my blog, my notebooks, my secret blackberry diary is all about mami!!  Nobody really understands how this woman can crawl into your skin and into your brain - I sound like my brother now...hehe


Rambling after dinner

Mom cooking! yummy, missed that so very much, aside that I don't have to do the work and as always there is nothing like mothers cooking *rubs her tummy* like I really need to eat more!!

She looks awesome! That's my mom, she will be 60 this year and she don't look a day over 45!

So far we have covered dieting - joining weightwatchers after all - I used to do it and loved it and I can eat regular food, just have to watch the points; if you plan the meal ahead you will be surprised how far the points will take you! you can store points to eat any cravings you may have.  Sewing - my sister joined a sewing workshop, every Sunday for a few hours, she is after me as well so I can join her, I do own a sewing machine and there are certain things I can do *grins* very proud of myself, I can be so artistic and creative when I want to.  Hair and Skin products - working on getting some stuff, about time I use a moisturizer, sunscreen protection...I read an article that women should …

Keeping up

We were hit by a snow storm, I was not even aware of it, although I remember hearing something vaguely but didn't pay much mind to it.  Still snowing, 
I have been so lazy this past few days is not even funny, I can't understand what is wrong with me, and if I was putting things off before pfffft now is like the condition is worse :( 
I need to motivate!!
Picnik is closing - is a photo editing site I use, this is nuts! now I have to find another one, change sometimes is inevitable, I really love that site but I am forced to find another one and I am not too happy about it.  I have been researching already for other sites and not too happy with the ones I found so far.
The mom situation is working alright for the moment, no inconvenience but she just arrived, we all know and anticipate what is ahead, this time around I am prepare.
I gained weight once again :( here we go, but I am not getting down about it, I am just going to hit it straight on, I know where I went wrong, figured ou…

Taking the day off

I already began my master plan to skip work tomorrow; cleaned my desk, playing sick already around certain co-workers *grins*, boss already asked me if I was doing alright because I looked pale ^.^ I hope it doesn't backfire and I get sick for real real!!!

I have tons to do and tomorrow is a perfect day to do it all. Suppose to snow tonight and by the looks of it *takes a peek outside* it sorta is, dang, I need some snow boots.

Feeling so good, I don't know what it is about going out and having 9 out of 10 guys compliment me *grins wider* I think the 10th guy didn't see me, lmao.

On a serious note, I have yet to see my mom, she was taking a nap when I tranquility is over, when I want to be home alone I know is not going to happen, showing up unannounced, waiting for me when I get out of work, calling me at work to find out at what time I get out...complaining about things I should and should've done....*starts to sink in*
OMG! Please someone take a bit of…

Mama Bear is almost home

In just a few hours mom will be in the US once again *faints* I told her about the car yesterday and she took it rather well, glad and relieved. I do have to give her my car for her use until I replace her vehicle, fair trade if you ask me...I still have to wait and see her reaction when she gets here, might be totally different when she is actually face to face with the issue.I had the best night sleep to a point I overslept, I was running late all over the place, but tomorrow hopefully it will be different :)I can't believe is already Thursday, Master will be away starting tomorrow on his vacation, wishing him tons of fun and rest, he deserves it.Time to gets some Z's Wishing everyone a good night, and sweet dreams.Sincerely Yours

WoW Day ~winter~

The snow has arrived and it really feels like winter for real real!!

when I woke up this morning it was almost 50 degrees, by the time I walked out of my house 2 hours later is was 33!! brrrrr
**didn't need permission to post this one, the nipple is covered this time around!!

Sincerely Yours Aluv

TMI Tuesday ~HoO dOo

Lets play Hoo Doo (Who do?)
Answer the following questions and elaborate as you wish.  Your answers can be real and truthful, fun and flirty, or crazy and whacky.

Who or Who(m) do you want to:

1.  Play naked twister with?

With Jack and Jill!
2.  Love?

already in love...but for fantasy sake...Prince Charmin - nothing like fairy tale loving!
3.  Excites you beyond belief?
a good Porn! or reading HeelsnStocking

4.  Enjoy ass play with?
I'll let you know when it happens *VIRGEN ASS ALERT!!*

5.  Shower with?
my dear blog community! 
6.  Undress?

hard one, I don't like to be naked in front of others *blushes*, makes you wonder how I will shower with the blog community doesn't it? I'll figure that out when I get there!
7.  Rim?
not very familiar with this term...only thing that comes to mind is some 20" chrome rims on a nice dropped Honda!!
8.  Elope with?
Captain Jack Sparrow - I know it will be a fun experience!
Bonus:Who do you want to wake up in the arms of? …

Family Time :)

My son has a project due tomorrow so I called for we are all gathered around the table to help him complete his project, even the son in law is helping...BTW I have yet to call my mom!!! Anyways...I will call her tomorrow! I know, I know, I am just prolonging the pain, the not like I like it, I've been dreaming about my mom for two nights in a row, is that a sign or what?But seriously, I will call her tomorrow, for now I am going to enjoy my last quiet days, soon they will turn into torture......Sincerely Yours


Where did my weekend go?

Sunday evening already?

Glad that we have tomorrow off, maybe I will be able to say by the end of the day I did something productive other than eat. I sure stuffed my face!!

There was not much to do out there, it was brick!!! Brrrrrrr I stepped out to do some groceries and just couldn't wait to be back in my cave, did I mention I am afraid of the cold? I can't get used to it!!

Still building up the cojones to call my mom and tell her about her car, I think that's why the eating anxiety, can't wait to get it over and done with, I bought the calling card Friday and still there, waiting to be used, I just look at it, my stomach turns and I run to the fridge or the stove....horrible!!!

I'll call her tomorrow....yikes!!! I can't believe at my age and still afraid of my mom, but I am not the only one, my brother and sisters don't stay too far behind, at least I am not alone on this boat...unfortunately I am in the one in trouble th…

CrAZy a$s gIRl

Yup, that's me!! specially when I am on PMS mode!

I have been an emotional wreck for the past 2 to 3 weeks, do you blame me?

The year didn't start the way I expected and the ending......pffffft, worse ever! but it is up to me to change things around.

You know what's really funny?  I get a letter from my Master this morning and I swear it was like a boost of energy (shoot I have to reply!!) made me feel so content and it calmed me down as well, hehe, that is what I  call power!!!  He really makes a huge difference on how my day goes, and he has such a way of melting me :) he knows me better than I know myself, trust me on that!!
We are texting and the man knows if I am blushing, or smiling, is like he can tell my mood as if he was feeling it or as if I was in front of him seen my reaction...I swear that man makes me feel like a teenager!

ohh yeah, about the nipple shot in my wow day post *grins wide* that was done on purpose, hehe, I wanted to retaliate somehow *grins wide…

WoW Day

I am a bit late for this one...but at least it is still Wednesday...

**I took this pic for him...tons has changed since this pic was taken...unfortunately

My friend Lady J wanted me to add her awesome cleavage to the blog!! hehehe, and of course I am so down with that!

Sincerely Yours

TMI Tuesday Blog ~Adult Content~

***** MATURE CONTENT:  This post is for adults only.  Visit another Tuesday when things aren't so sexy, if you are uncomfortable with sexuality*****

Today's TMI Tuesday was inspired by tmituesdays blog friends at Infidelity Chronicles(**I personally love that blog! Miranda you hawt stuff you**)

All about the wedding tackle, twig & berries, pole, fire hose, skin flute, dipstick, meat thermometer or what we all know as the penis.

1.  What's more important - length or width? why?

I will have to go with length *grins wide* I like it when it reaches all the way up! short and stubby...eeehhh don't know about that.

2.  Ever encountered one that was too big for you to handle?

haha, nope!

3.  Best place to put a penis?

My mouth!!! yummy!

4.  If you had a penis for a day, what would you do with it?

wait...don't get the question...if I had a penis for a day as in I have a penis attached...if that is the case I would put it in every hole that will fit...and will love to know what a…

When it rains it pours

as if like everything I am going through is not enough my mom will be here in only 10 days...TORTURE!!

My friend was/is suppose to fix my mothers car and now the dude moved out of the state and I can't get a hold of him...and the car is nowhere to be found!! 
In two weeks I've had one good night sleep and I think that happened cause I was extremely tired...I go to bed after midnight and up by 3 am.  I am so tired, and it is so obvious, that bright light and the sparkle in my eyes are no longer there, I am trying so hard to keep it all together.
Today I feel I want to..... escape run away forget not deal
It is hard feeling like this, all this emotions, the anger I have I can't even explain...I have to go to work and put on a smile, be nice to all, DO MY JOB...and that will be one of the hardest tasks, make believe everything is alright!
Time heals all...guess I will have to leave it up to "time" but until then I only have one option at …

First Fet Club Experience!

After going crazy the entire afternoon looking for something to wear I was able to put something together and it was GREAT! I only had to pay $10 since the lady said my outfit was PERFECT! yaaay!

People had different stamps on them I noticed, the ones wearing lingerie had a red stamp on them, and the rest I didn't get close enough to check *giggles*
They had 2 areas, one of them there were Mistresses sitting down in some sort of barber chair where they were getting foot massages by this boys wearing collars, one of them looked like he just stepped out from a Romeo and Juliet play ^.^ on the other side they had this woman using a leather strap thingy wingy just hitting this guy on his back, boy did he look like he enjoyed it :)
I saw a girl Neko, she was about 4 feet tall and the guy holding her leash was about 6 feet...I couldn't help but just stare!  ooops
I really enjoyed seen the guys guiding their girls by the leash wow!! I had goosebumps and a smile from ear to ear...when I w…

My long awaited night out!!

Tonight is my first Fet Party (at a club)!

I didn't get to put my outfit together but I am sure I will find something...

The dress code & prices:

$15 at the door:  minimum all black.  NO blue jeans/NO street clothing.

$10 at the door:  fetish, vinyl, leather, latex, lingerie, goth

**I guess I will have to pay $15 at the door cause I will be all in black.

The club:

Two floors:  Lower floor for dancing and socializing; upper floor for play

**hehe, I can't wait to see what goes on in a fetish club, I did go to a swingers party, of course I didn't know about it until I was there for about 2 hours and they were redirecting people to the hotel rooms, you can only imagine my surprise, my small eyes bulging out, blushing all over when I reached the room and saw what was going on...this is going to be a different experience I guess, I know where I am going and more less what to expect...sorta.

I am feeling guilty having to go out and have fun when he is in the hospital, I am sure…

Dress down Friday!

I love Fridays at work!

Casual Friday...only day I get to dress down although most Fridays I need to be all dressed up because we either have to go to a company, meetings with agencies, etc., I can't remember the last time I was able to come to work comfortable other than the days we have to decorate.

Sincerely YOurs Aluv

Masters' Letter :)

Past week and a half has been chaos and although I have been going through all those sour moments I really must say that meditation has helped me stay calmer than usual...if it would have been a year ago I probably be flipping out~!

I hope my Master is doing much better :)

This is what he said to me:

I know you are worried sick and probably angry but I could not leave the cardio in the hospital earlier than today.  I am in the hospital for over a week now, my heartbeat was running way too fast and I had 2 electro shocks last week and this week to get it back to a normal pace.  Today they removed the monitors  and such so I can move a bit more freely through the hospital and finally be able to reach you, only yahoo is not loading here, guess they blocked it or something.

Hope you are doing okay sweety, hope to be released soon so I can catch up with you.

Love and Kisses



Still feeling like a total @$$

I had no way of knowing what happened to him and it is ha…

Sign of life!

I feel like a total Jerk!

My Master has been in the hospital for over a week and I had no way of knowing *cries hysterically*

All the assumptions on my behalf and the pain while he is laying on a bed for more than a week...*blushes all over*...Does anyone have a size 12 boot to kick me really hard, hard enough for it to be surgically removed out of my ass?

Sincerely Yours

Good Morning

Waiting for trainees to finish copying some work from the board...Feeling like crap, day is so long already, doing alright at work because I have to step up and people depend on me, huge smile on, attitude adjusted, music, me singing and dancing and inside completely torn.

Today it has been a week since I last heard from mi Corazon, mi Papi.

I wake up in the middle of the night and just look at my phone but afraid just to even look at it.  Early in the morning I have a huge knot in my tummy, my mouth and throat are dry afraid to see if there is an email or a text...Although he only wrote once a day I looked forward to that morning email, it made a huge difference on how my day went.


So far doing well with resolutions, last night I was so out of it I just went home and lounged, ordered out, spent time with my son and it was bed time before 11...I hit certain parts of the day that is just drags, and some just fly by... helluur, can I get some consistency here, already a mes…

First WoW day of 2012

Enjoy your Wednesday!

Sincerely Yours

TMI Tuesday ~ Happy New Year~

Now here we go...the first TMI Tuesday questions of 2012
1.  Finish this sentence:  In the New Year _____________.
I would like to accomplish everything I set out to do, and procrastinate less.
2.  Do you make New Years Resolutions? If yes, What are they for 2012?
Once every two or three years, and I did make some but not writing them down again, too lazy...but follow the link 2012 Resolutionsor at the top of my page you will see them.
3.  What New Year's resolutions did you make last year?
I didn't make any, I just wanted to travel, but that was just a goal not a resolution.
4.  Think of those resolutions, from last year.  How did you do in keeping them?
I traveled!!! I accomplished my goal
5.  What was your most memorable sexual happening/experience in 2011?
I was made love to twice by "him" that was it, I only had sex twice last year, oh and I submitted 4/20/11

Bonus:  What was your most memorable experience (activity, event, etc.) in 2011?
I went to the Dominican Republic an…

Day two

It was a good and productive day at work, I accomplished so much and very proud of it...will try to keep it up.  I also finished doing laundry and is folded, tomorrow I am putting it away, setting small daily goals, and putting away laundry is a goal for me!  Working on the menu and grocery list, doing great on the healthy eating part *claps* it has only been two days, I still have 364 more to go *grins wide*

A few people dropped by at lunch to chat for a bit *bleh* when they asked me how was everything in the love department I wanted to just put on some running shoes and skip out of there like Speedy know, they always seem to want to ask me about love or sex when they know I am lacking both...I think they do it on purpose, LOL.."mean girls".

Lets be serious, I can't concentrate, I have dark circles all around my eyes, not under them, but ALL around, I cried on and off through the day, I am confused, I don't even know what is going on and wh…

1st Day of 2012

Didn't go to New York and glad I didn't go, they just returned and we have work tomorrow, I would have been extremely tired, plus I had things to do at home and knew they had to get done before...sooo I took the day off in a way :) a day for me, a day to lounge, plan, think, meditate, lazy around, "do laundry", manicure, pedicure, blow dry hair, eyebrows, lurk, write, revise, get rid off some I guess I was a bit busy but for some reason it feels I didn't do much, why is that?

I made my New Year Resolutions Listand already working on them! Did laundry, which I procrastinated a bit but in the end I got off the couch and did it! I know some of them are going to be hard to keep up with, and others will come natural, but with perseverance I know I can get through them.

I hardly slept last night but felt very energetic and upbeat through the day, quiet, which is a bit out of the ordinary for me but other than that I felt great.  When everyone went to sleep …

Bella in a year

While doing laundry I wanted to see a year in review of my meditating plant Bella!  Yes, I named her :)

She needs to be put in a bigger pot and since it is her birthday this month (she has been with me for a year) I will be getting her some special treats!!

She is an umbrella tree...and she is my meditating plant because when "He" asked me to meditate the plant was part of the shrine I was to build, and I love her so much, and I take good care of her...her food, her water, I even talk to her, well, I talk to all my plants, I guess that is why they are always so happy and green..hehe

I meditated early this morning, and it was the best I felt all week *takes a deep breath in*....looking at Bella and seen how much she has grown in one year made me feel proud, accomplished, I have come a long way with my meditation.

Here is Bella when she first came home with me and another one a  year later :)

January 2011

January 2012
Sincerely Yours Aluv