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CrAZy a$s gIRl

Yup, that's me!! specially when I am on PMS mode!

I have been an emotional wreck for the past 2 to 3 weeks, do you blame me?

The year didn't start the way I expected and the ending......pffffft, worse ever! but it is up to me to change things around.

You know what's really funny?  I get a letter from my Master this morning and I swear it was like a boost of energy (shoot I have to reply!!) made me feel so content and it calmed me down as well, hehe, that is what I  call power!!!  He really makes a huge difference on how my day goes, and he has such a way of melting me :) he knows me better than I know myself, trust me on that!!
We are texting and the man knows if I am blushing, or smiling, is like he can tell my mood as if he was feeling it or as if I was in front of him seen my reaction...I swear that man makes me feel like a teenager!

ohh yeah, about the nipple shot in my wow day post *grins wide* that was done on purpose, hehe, I wanted to retaliate somehow *grins wider* I would ask him for permission first prior to posting a pic of my nipple because above all and I do understand as well, they belong to him...yes, yes...they belong to him...I am not his sub, I am his slave...but since things are just not going my way right now and I feel as if the universe is conspiring against me I am acting up!

I haven't had a spanking since I was about 12 I believe, and I need to get my ass ready cause my Master said he is adding everything up so when he gets me *rubs her ass* ugh, I am so going to get it!  If you do the crime, you have to do the time! *keeps rubbing her ass*

Today I am feeling better and positive about EVERYTHING, as far as my mothers' car goes I am just going to wait until she gets here, tell her how things went down and I know I will probably hear about it til the day I die...

I slept well last night, after about an hour meditating I felt very relax, positive, clear mind, and calm.

About to start my day.

Thank you my Master for the wonderful email :) and yes, I will be strong!!

Sincerely Yours


Jack and Jill said…
Glad to hear that your mood has become more positive. It's normal to be stressed and emotional at times, but as you say, it's up to you to make a change. Keep it up!

Once again, we loved the nipple picture - I just went back and took another peek - and it's nice to hear of your motivation for posting it. Now make sure that ass is ready, because it sounds like you've got major spankings in your future!

Dee said…
Great to hear you in a more positive mood :)

Dee x

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