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First Fet Club Experience!

After going crazy the entire afternoon looking for something to wear I was able to put something together and it was GREAT! I only had to pay $10 since the lady said my outfit was PERFECT! yaaay!

People had different stamps on them I noticed, the ones wearing lingerie had a red stamp on them, and the rest I didn't get close enough to check *giggles*

They had 2 areas, one of them there were Mistresses sitting down in some sort of barber chair where they were getting foot massages by this boys wearing collars, one of them looked like he just stepped out from a Romeo and Juliet play ^.^ on the other side they had this woman using a leather strap thingy wingy just hitting this guy on his back, boy did he look like he enjoyed it :)

I saw a girl Neko, she was about 4 feet tall and the guy holding her leash was about 6 feet...I couldn't help but just stare!  ooops

I really enjoyed seen the guys guiding their girls by the leash wow!! I had goosebumps and a smile from ear to ear...when I went to get a drink there was a girl and her Master standing behind me, their conversation was sending chills up and down my spine, the soft way he spoke to her and the very submissive way she was responding *sighs* beautiful!!

There were couples looking for playmates and men wearing lingerie, I think they were exhibitionists, they just walked around not talking to anyone, they just wanted to be of them approached us and introduced himself, but it seems he wanted to do that for a while because he just kept circling us around and looking towards where we were standing. 

They had a session you could buy floggers, paddles of all shapes and sizes, the owner of the products demonstrating how the gadgets worked, that was sweet.  But nothing will compare to when I heard a girl moaning, I looked to the side and I see a guy behind her spanking her, kneading her ass with his hand getting her ready for the next spank, her reaction, her facial expression, her exposed ass...I followed his hand up in the air down to her ass, each time the loud smack would penetrate my ear my heart would beat faster adnd faster *shivers*
When he was finished with her I really wanted to go over to the stand and purchase a paddle cause damn that looked so good!

I walked out of there with 2 business cards, one interested in taking pictures, another one interested in getting to know me...all in all it was an interesting night, I had fun, quiet fun because all I did was stare, hehe.  I was invited to return next month, they meet the first Friday of every month :) so cool and it is usually a different crowd, looking forward to seen that again.

I was home by 2 am, took my clothes off and went straight to bed.

What a lovely experience.  

Sincerely Yours


Anonymous said…
Yay for the eclectic mix of sorts in Fetish Clubs!

I'm not a regular attender at such venues but it's ALWAYS a blast when I do it!

Glad you had fun

DY x
Anonymous said…
Sounds like you had an interesting first visit!

Looking forward to hearing more when you go again :)

Love your outfit. :)

Fondly. Sky
Dee said…
I've never been to anything like this ALuv. It sounds slightly fascinating. Glad you had a good time :)

Dee x
ALuv said…
@DY it was very eclectic, I loooved the NEKO girl!

@Sky thanks, took me almost two weeks to get something together and it was so simple ^.^

@Dee it was a cool experience! I am sure I am not going to go every month, but I really enjoyed been an expectator.

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