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Keeping up

We were hit by a snow storm, I was not even aware of it, although I remember hearing something vaguely but didn't pay much mind to it.  Still snowing, 

I have been so lazy this past few days is not even funny, I can't understand what is wrong with me, and if I was putting things off before pfffft now is like the condition is worse :( 

I need to motivate!!

Picnik is closing - is a photo editing site I use, this is nuts! now I have to find another one, change sometimes is inevitable, I really love that site but I am forced to find another one and I am not too happy about it.  I have been researching already for other sites and not too happy with the ones I found so far.

The mom situation is working alright for the moment, no inconvenience but she just arrived, we all know and anticipate what is ahead, this time around I am prepare.

I gained weight once again :( here we go, but I am not getting down about it, I am just going to hit it straight on, I know where I went wrong, figured out the problem and tackling the issue, need to buy healthy meals and get on an eating schedule, I go the entire day without eating and after I get home I make up for it...joining weight watchers or something, it always worked but the thing that kills me is the exercises *grins wide* I hate those!! pewww

Getting ready to go over my sisters house and spend quality time with the moms, once again my son does not want to participate...teenagers!! 

You know, I really have a problem detaching myself from my comfort zone - my home - I wish I was doing other things, but going out from one apartment to another house/apartment is something that I find not so interesting, when I go out I like to be out, I am not much of a visiting person...I used to be but through the years I have changed so much in certain things, I really need to do some soul searching, I miss that part of me, I am not as social as I used to be...

enough rambling, time to finish up before mami comes up those stairs inspecting my apartment and 'suggesting' things that I should do or change ^.^ 

Have a great Saturday, if there are any of you affected by the snow storm hang in there!! make some snow angels or a snowman :) and igloo does not sound like a bad idea either, hehe, we made one of those once *sighs* damn, I really need to get my ass up and motivate!!!!!!!

Some lurking and more researching...

Sincerely Yours


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