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Masters' Letter :)

Past week and a half has been chaos and although I have been going through all those sour moments I really must say that meditation has helped me stay calmer than usual...if it would have been a year ago I probably be flipping out~!

I hope my Master is doing much better :)

This is what he said to me:

I know you are worried sick and probably angry but I could not leave the cardio in the hospital earlier than today.  I am in the hospital for over a week now, my heartbeat was running way too fast and I had 2 electro shocks last week and this week to get it back to a normal pace.  Today they removed the monitors  and such so I can move a bit more freely through the hospital and finally be able to reach you, only yahoo is not loading here, guess they blocked it or something.

Hope you are doing okay sweety, hope to be released soon so I can catch up with you.

Love and Kisses



Still feeling like a total @$$

I had no way of knowing what happened to him and it is hard having a LDR when email or text is the only way of communication...but I also know that he just wont leave me without saying a word to me, I guess my insecurities got the best out of me...

It is really hard to be so far away from the one you love specially in times like this when I am needed at his side and I can't be :(

I can't wait for him to be online and we can chat away, and I can't wait to get my cute little ass over there so I can curl up on his lap and feel home again...

Sincerely Yours


Mindset said…
That is my greatest fear for Daddy...something happen and I won't know. So he created an alter ego for me on fb so we can be friends and his family won't know. I am not allow to post anything but at least if something happens his family will be talking and I can see whats up.

Glad to know things are OK though
Jack and Jill said…
Once again, we understand how mortified you must feel, but these things happen. Mindset brings up a good idea. If he's got a Facebook account, consider setting up an incognito account for the purpose of keeping up with what's going on in his life.
ALuv said…
He does have a FB acct but I rather not know what goes on in his personal life if you get the drift and would like to keep it like that.

I have a feeling that there is more going on than meets the eye...gut feeling

thanks @mindset and J&J :)

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