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Rambling after dinner

Mom cooking! yummy, missed that so very much, aside that I don't have to do the work and as always there is nothing like mothers cooking *rubs her tummy* like I really need to eat more!!

She looks awesome! That's my mom, she will be 60 this year and she don't look a day over 45!

So far we have covered dieting - joining weightwatchers after all - I used to do it and loved it and I can eat regular food, just have to watch the points; if you plan the meal ahead you will be surprised how far the points will take you! you can store points to eat any cravings you may have.  Sewing - my sister joined a sewing workshop, every Sunday for a few hours, she is after me as well so I can join her, I do own a sewing machine and there are certain things I can do *grins* very proud of myself, I can be so artistic and creative when I want to.  Hair and Skin products - working on getting some stuff, about time I use a moisturizer, sunscreen protection...I read an article that women should start using wrinkle/moisturizer/hydrating lotions in our early 20's, I am in my late 30's and still have to buy and use any type of products....which brings me to another pic...

I  know you can't see it much in this pic, but it turns white, I have to put lotion on and I have to be careful what I use cause it begins to burn if the product contains any type of alcohol, I am using this lotion at the moment from Bare Escentuals that came in the make up kit I bought...don't like it much, I have to buy something that I will use and work on my skin, up until recently I found out I have sensitive skin, I think I developed that through the years cause I seriously wasn't like that before.
I love my babyface...and I know that time will catch up to me eventually but so far so good...*looks closer* oh yes, I need to do my eyebrows too :)
Really must take care of my skin and hair!

Time to go home, I hope I sleep better tonight, last night was not that great...still wondering what to do tonight, maybe more tv watching or play some PS3...all I know is that the weekend is going fast, and taking Friday off was just a big waste of time!!

**need to get my act together**


Sincerely Yours


Dru said…
I'm soooooooo jealous! How I'd give anything to have my mother's cooking, as horrible as it may be sometimes, lol. Enjoy on my behalf please.

I too have a babyface. Hopefully we'll look as good as our mums when we get to their age. My mum is in her mid fifties and looks like she's 40.
Southern Sir said…
Nothing beats mom's cooking, I take advantage of it any chance I get. Especially when she bakes.
ALuv said…
my mom cooking gets better with the years! yuummyyy!

Sure taking advantage of it, thanks Dru did enjoyed it very much:) and I am sure we have the genes, we are going to be looking great..

@Southern Sir my mom can't bake but she can cook a mean dominican meal (rice, beans, meat) *grins*
Southern Sir said…
What time is dinner? :-)
ALuv said…
Dinner is always between 6 & 6:30 eastern time!! welcome anytime!!!

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