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Taking the day off

I already began my master plan to skip work tomorrow; cleaned my desk, playing sick already around certain co-workers *grins*, boss already asked me if I was doing alright because I looked pale ^.^ I hope it doesn't backfire and I get sick for real real!!!

I have tons to do and tomorrow is a perfect day to do it all. Suppose to snow tonight and by the looks of it *takes a peek outside* it sorta is, dang, I need some snow boots.

Feeling so good, I don't know what it is about going out and having 9 out of 10 guys compliment me *grins wider* I think the 10th guy didn't see me, lmao.

On a serious note, I have yet to see my mom, she was taking a nap when I tranquility is over, when I want to be home alone I know is not going to happen, showing up unannounced, waiting for me when I get out of work, calling me at work to find out at what time I get out...complaining about things I should and should've done....*starts to sink in*
OMG! Please someone take a bit of compassion and kidnap me until she leaves...I cook, clean, great with kids, I can do some light mechanic, hard-worker, smart, great company and conversation, guarantee not to bore you (probably talk til your ears bleed) *pouts*

I need a hero!!!

Sincerely Yours
Aluv in distress


Anonymous said…
Enjoy your Friday off! I hope you're able to deal with your Mom. Hang in there :)

You made me giggle when you were talking about "acting sick". Lol

Fondly. Sky
Jack and Jill said…
We got a laugh out of you asking to be kidnapped. If we were closer we'd totally kidnap you! We wouldn't even make you cook or clean or anything!

We hope the rest of your Mom's visit goes well. Hang in there!
Dee said…
I get so stressed around my mum too and become a recycled teenager of sorts lol! I hope it all goes better than you expect :)

Dee x
ALuv said…
@Sky I enjoyed the day! thanks, was a very lazy day! didn't accomplish what I set out to do :( bad, bad girl!! and at my job you have to give sick notices if not they will just give you excuses of why you shouldn't be out.

@J&J hehe I think I would just do chores because is part of my daily routine, and I guess I am wired like that..although I do lazy around I still do all of my chores including cooking. Mom is doing well so far, then again she just got here..

@Dee, why is that? I get all tongue tied around my mom and clumsy as they come!!

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