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thoughts of the day

"No matter how helpless you feel, you can begin to change things now" ~Moses Sanga"

What a week!! Always on the go during the day until I get home...that's a different story...often times I wonder where did time go?

I know I am productive at work, although I am still playing catch up on my files (I have to put 50 files together by Monday morning), but other than that I am pretty much all set there.

At home is another story; I am a hot mess...

I wake up early enough to meditate from Monday - Friday, I check both blogs, make coffee, take a shower, and I get ready for work.
I have been walking to and from the train station to get some exercise, is a good 25 minute walk, today my legs are killing me, hehe.
When I get home I rush through the door, shed most of my clothes, make dinner....I do some lurking, play hidden chronicles (finding objects), more lurking, a comment here and there, watch some TV....and when I look at the clock is 10 PM.
I have laundry to do and I don't know why it is so hard for me to do that chore!!! I dislike it so very much.

In conclusion I feel as if I don't do enough when I get home, I keep putting things off, I know I don't do enough and that's what bothers me most.

With the car and mom situation.........
I reported the car stolen and after much investigation seems like he had a habit of doing such things to people and now there is a warrant for his arrest.
Mom is already getting on my nerves, she continues to give me forceful advice (do as I tell you). She preaches how family is first and I need to spend more time with my sisters yet I don't see nobody knocking at my door or looking for me...calling or texting me. I tried but they have to meet me half way.

I am learning to treat others the same way the treat me, giving them as much as they give me, no more, no less.

I went out for drinks and nachos on Tuesday *grins* it went well... no sparks, no romance, we shared laughs, we talked and I had a great time! He does look extremely young for his age, lol.
What matters is that we both enjoyed ourselves :)

Time to hit the sheets, ugh, time just flies!!! Doesn't it?

Sincerely yours


Dee said…
ALuv, you sound very motivated and it sounds to me that you do an awful lot at both home and work. I hope the car issue gets sorted. And you can only try to do the right thing by family etc, I agree that you can't keep giving giving giving though indefinitely but at least you know you tried :)
Glad you had a good time out :)

Dee x
ALuv said…
thanks Dee! I appreciate it!!!
still I feel I need to step up my game at home...I just feel I don't have that thrive anymore...
It felt great to go out :) it is something I don't do often.

Again, thank you so much.

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