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WoW Day

I am a bit late for this one...but at least it is still Wednesday...

**I took this pic for him...tons has changed since this pic was taken...unfortunately

My friend Lady J wanted me to add her awesome cleavage to the blog!! hehehe, and of course I am so down with that!

Sincerely Yours


K said…
Wow..for a minute there i forgot why I'm straight. Very pretty pics :)
Jack and Jill said…
You took the picture for him, but we're very glad you shared it with us. That is an absolutely gorgeous nipple.

Lady J's cleavage is quite nice as well, and we hope we see more of her in the future.
ALuv said…
I am running out of options for my wow day!!!
@K you made me blush
@J&J thank you, trying to get her breasts exposed LOL I need those breasts on my blog!!! hehe

As far as my nipple goes, didn't get approval from my Master, guess is a way of retaliating *insert evil laugh&* of course eventually will be the cause of a spanking....he can add it to the list!!

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Sincerely Yours Aluv