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....after the game, end of the day

I never watch a game but because of my son I decided to stick one point I was left alone!!

Great game, but Pats, guys, what happened? You guys had one point! Geeez!!!

Sorry guys, maybe next year, all I can say is that there are many sad and unhappy people in Facebook tonight *glances through the Facebook wall* oh yes, they mad!!

This is the reason why I don't like watching games, I get all into it and now I am left with my heart pumping like crazy! and sometimes I can't handle the competition!

I had an interesting day, call it part of my luck streak.  I am taking the car out of the driveway when I didn't see the car coming and I hit it, not a huge damage, but dang...makes me think.  Mom says with my luck I should take a trip to the ocean and throw myself backward, suppose to change your luck...if that is the way then it is never going to happen, I don't go in the water during the summer, what makes her think that I will take a plunge in the winter.  Do you believe in luck?  or bad luck?  I'm just saying, sometimes I wonder when certain things keep happening to me.

I have been reviewing my resolutions :) not bad, feeling proud.  See, that is why I like to write things down and see my progress, at the end of the day when I see everything I did and accomplished makes me feel...*sighs* really warm and fuzzy inside *giggles*

I have a big day tomorrow.  Mondays are the worse for me at work, very busy and hectic and I have a new trainee that is driving me insane, I really want him placed already, he makes me feel rather uncomfortable, very negative, he acts like he doesn't care, when I tell him about doing something new his answer is "whatever"..excuse me?  I don't get that from my youth and I have to put up with it from a 60 year old guy?  Again, respect for my elders and the fact that he is a student, a customer, I am counting the weeks already for him to leave.
Sometimes I want to change jobs, I am great with people and love working with the public but there are some individuals that make it so hard and it gets tiring.  When I get home I don't want to deal with anyone, and when I am on PMS mode having to control my feelings and emotions when I just want to bite heads off *screams* it is really frustrating, and I need so much concentration.

Time to hit the sheets.  Is getting late already, time just flies huh?

Getting up extremely early, hope is not very cold in the morning, walking to the train...I think, might take the bus depending on the weather.

Have an awesome night, hope everyone had a great weekend, and welcome to a new week!!  Have fun, stay positive, make the best of it, many blessing to each and everyone one of you :)

I am just feeling so good

Sincerely Yours


Jack and Jill said…
Part of supporting a team is occasionally watching them lose. Whether it's any given Sunday, or the biggest game of the year, it's never easy. We like the Patriots, and we hoped they'd win after losing to the Giants in 2008. It was hard watching a quarterback who's made it this far make so many incomplete passes.

We hope your Monday isn't too hectic!
Sky said…
Have a happy Monday, A-Luv! I watched the game on and off, and the party I went to had some pools going, so that was fun, (I won a dollar LOL).

Enjoy your week, too! Hope your new trainee gets placed soon!

Fondly, Sky

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