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Amazing Day

oh happy day!! *dances silly around her living room with a huge grin from ear to ear*

He was with me an entire day! We talked, and I giggled, I blushed, I was a hot mess!! I didn't even know how to react and I am suppose to be in front of him one day, again? pffft good luck with that!

When I first saw him at the airport when he went to pick me up my heart was almost popping out of my chest, when he approached me I dropped my laptop, my purse and even the luggage was all over the place, I became clumsy as hell...happens to me, when I am nervous I become the clumsiest person around, so watch out!

Even when I am not around him and he sends me a text I become clumsy all over again, I act like one of those little jumping beans, I can't stay still yet tripping all over the place, I can't help it, I try to stay still but you see me jumping on the chair grabbing the phone with both my hands and just giggling and laughing in a very annoying and dorky way.  It is noticeable, I blush, my students can tell I am talking to my love because of my expressions and my giggles, how I drift into another place, I am there but I am not, and I struggle to come down from that wonderful cloud that he takes me to *sighs* each time, every time, does not fail.

I loved today! and I wished every day was like today with the exception that I want to be with at his side for real real.

I enjoyed his company, and our conversations.

I learned more about him *smiles* and myself.

I also realized that I am a little freak around him, and 3 out of 4 of my sentences is about sex in one way or another...hehe, go figure.

He really makes a huge difference in me :)

Sincerely Yours


Jack and Jill said…
We love reading about how happy you are! It's wonderful that you two are such a match, and the fact that he brings out your freaky side is something to be admired.
ALuv said…
haha, he says because of my freaky side he might have to keep me chained to the bed!
He wont, i am sure he likes it!!

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