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Exciting day and productive

Been up since 4 AM, chilled with my Papi for a few hours, moped the entire house, headed out to do laundry, washed everything, sheets, curtains, comforter, went to the supermarket bought some stuff to make Chicken Caesar Salad *watery mouth*...I went all out and feeling proud!! oh and so far the eating is getting better, still on my three meal per day.

Tomorrow back to work, to the routine...bleh, I despise routine, it is no wonder why I am so disorganized, I am an ENFP, I need the challenge, monotony makes me get sloppy and messy, I can't function well, everything falls out of balance.

But things are beginning to look great, room still spotless, as I dry the clothes and take them out of the dryer I put them where they belong...glad I am getting back in the swing, is a matter of habit, once I am used to it, will come naturally.

Doing Weight Watchers and it is the BEST!! I get to eat all of my favorite meals, right down to pizza and their desserts, omg..*mouth watery* they don't taste the same or the same portions, or going for seconds or third...I was not eating through the day but was sure making up for it at night :(
Feeling like Jennifer Hudson..ehrrr not yet but on my way there!! is a new day, I'm feeling good...haha!! awesome!!

Is not about getting skinny, but eating the way I am suppose to, getting my metabolism going, and get this blood pressure down!


Aside from all my accomplishments today I also had a great day yesterday, doing everything I set out to do, I sometimes start to procrastinate and I catch myself...I quickly get up and do what I am suppose to do.  I feel much better after I am done, just like he said I would.

I understand we all have our ups and down, but having been down for so long getting on my feet hasn't been that hard, but to be honest, he plays a big part of it, and why it is going so smoothly.  I have no doubt I could do it on my own but it would have taken me a bit longer, slowly but surely.

Bedtime soon, I have to get some rest, but I know I will be up early once again, I wonder if that is normal?  I don't feel tired, I have dark circles under my eyes though, it could be from that...will take care of that too :)
Colored my hair, snipped the ends so it can keep growing...Last time I cut my hair was when I went to see him, said I wouldn't cut it until I see him again *grins*, but I do have to cut the ends so it can keep growing healthy...looks fabulous!

Amazing, the more time I spend with him the more I feel going deeper into the hole, but as curious as I am...I am willing to see how deep the rabbit hole goes...Do you believe in fate?  in destiny?  I do.
And he loves me, the things he say, the connection we have, mmmmmmmmmmm

Time to get some rest and keep smiling...I swear I have been smiling while I am dreaming, somebody pinch me.  Oh we did a bit of online roleplay today *grins and giggles* you wanna know how whoooped I am?  when we started I was shaking, trembling, goosebumps, he knows about that feeling, not because I told him but because the first time I was in his arms every darn hair in my body was just out there, goosebumps all over, trembling, panting under him, my lips shaking *blushing hard* a feeling I have never ever experienced in my entire life.  When he comes on line I feel my heart sink, a happiness I can't contain, my sweaty and shaky hands sometimes will not allow me to text/type, haha, and it is just so wonderful :)

You all have a great Monday and really hope each and everyone of you enjoyed your weekend

Sincerely Yours


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