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Finally Friday!

What a week!

How tiring and lonely it has been!

My feelings and emotions are all over the place.

But feeling much better today :)

Tax season! Travel season!

Car already on the road but my mother will be using it until I am able to get her the money to buy another vehicle and replace the one that was stolen. 

Wondering what the weekend will bring...

Master is writing more this days *smiles happily* still, I miss him terribly!! But I can wait until he is able to get things back in place and in order...I can be so impatient at times *grins*

Drama at work! it is the last time I bring a concern to anyone, they make such a big fuzz and create issues where there is none! some people have nothing to do but to create drama! I already have enough going on with my mom!

My mom is a cool lady and all but she loves to put us down by saying things she shouldn't say, and the way she says those things can really get to someone!
While waiting at the insurance company she calls me donkey (in Spanish), I know in English that doesn't mean much but in Spanish is calling someone dumb, idiot...the shit we have to put up with because of respect sometimes! I don't know about other cultures but at least to us Dominicans when an elderly person or anyone older than you insults you, tells you off it is better to keep your mouth shut, turn the other cheek and keep walking...and it is not only me, my friends go through the same thing with their mothers...I guess is a Spanish culture thing.

I will be trying to take off on weekends in hopes that she stays away.  I have been making up night outs all week for her not to visit because as soon as she walks in through the doors the advice giving doesn't stop and gosh she can talk so much shit!!!!!

I have been looking into moving out of the state, hehe, seriously, I have *frowns*  need to put some distance...she asked me for a huge favor, giving her the run around first and see if there is any way I can get out of it without having to say no or yes, the answer is NO of course and will remain as that, there is no way I am backing down this time around.

I have an Internet buddy :) enjoy talking to him, we chat on and off through the day. 
He is married, I am taken, works out perfect!

Two thumbs up for my IB!!

I also met someone else, we went out for drinks, very nice guy! *two thumbs up* he is looking for a potential FWB, but after much evaluation on my behalf...I can't do it.

I can go out on a date with a guy, have fun, talk, chill, share laughs but when it comes to go beyond that level, I can't!
I love my Master, and in all honesty I don't think he will be pleased knowing that I would give up his cooch *grins wider* besides I have no interest in doing so.

Need to get back to work for now...oh yeah and I am now hooked on a little game called cityville, facebook and their apps!!! I am just glad I have a friend who manages my farmville and I think she also manages my when I can't be around she can log in and take care of my city as well. 
Do you know how many of my friends text me and/or call me to send them gifts?  but what they don't know is that I am not the one doing the actual playing *grins*

You all have a wonderful day!!

Lets see what the weekend will bring!

Sincerely Yours


Dee said…
Wow, you have a lot going on right now. Good luck with it all and have a good weekend :)

Dee x
Anonymous said…
Have a nice weekend ALuv! I'm sorry your Mom is insensitive when she talks to you. I hope you can find some way around it.

Fondly. Sky
ALuv said…
thanks ladies!!
@Dee, I am really having a tough time with mommy dearest...Hope you are having a great weekend as well :)
@Sky, my mom is really insensitive, acts strong and tough, is like we cant ever go to her about anything cause sooner or later she will use our own weakness against us!
Seems like I wont be spending much time home starting soon :) need to keep and stay away.

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