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Fixing the problem -

I came clean, I told him about my little issue and things took a huge turn around real quick!

For about the year now I've had a lack of motivation followed by procrastination, which if you ask me is the worse!  I tend to put things off for a long time, and you know the saying, out of sight, out of mind, I am always late with many things:

Bills - not for the lack of the money, but because I just don't do it, I say I am going to do it later and I forget, then I remember and I put it off once again, and it goes like that for a few weeks at a time *bangs her head*

Paperwork - ugh *bangs her head even harder* with work stuff depends, my boss and important things I do it on the spot, I never put those off at all...but other, I still have an accident report from 2 years ago I have yet to send out *shame shame* and I am three weeks late reporting this one *bigger shame*

Now to other home.
I am not lazy, I mop the kitchen every night, bathroom gets clean on a daily basis, I dust at least twice a week, sweep every day, the front and back stairs get swept weekly.
My issues?  My room and laundry.

the issue at hand WAS (notice how "was" is in caps) my clothes and shoes.  I had piles of clothes, the shoes all over, no matter where I took it off that is where they will stay until I wore them again, boxes empty, my purses on top of the night tables, perfume bottles without their caps on, my jewelry/accessories on the bed, the night stand, the drawers...hehe, I don't know what happened to me, at one point I wouldn't leave the house without making my bed...oh but wait, I do change my sheets every night, is the OCD in me, I have to sleep on clean sheets.  Yes, for years my therapist tried to fix that problem.  When I went to Holland I washed my sheets every night or I couldn't sleep, I felt my body says is a bad habit.  What you think?

When I did laundry instead of hanging my clothes in the closet or put them away in the drawers I would leave them in the basket and just get what I needed when the time came.  I hate, hate, hate doing laundry!!! weeks will go by and as long as I have clothes to wear I am all set.   Usually the clothes get done when I am in desperate need of it.  Wanna know how bad I am?  my x-husband is been known to come over the house, get my laundry and do it for me, when we were married I never, ever ever did the laundry.
My son and daughter do their own laundry.  I am so glad for that, all I have to do is iron my sons clothes, he doesn't wear wrinkled clothes, but get this, I don't mind ironing, I actually like it.


I felt so embarrassed today! but I needed that, I know I did, a wake up call...a bit of the conversation with my Master, after me telling him about my room.

Master:  Where do you meditate?

me:  *lowers her head* my room my Master.

Master:  and you honor my body in a pigstall?  


I didn't do well in the eating, I forgot once again breakfast and almost lunch,  was running on empty when I got home, he reminded me to eat something, if he would not have said a thing to me I would have kept on going until dinner time.  I also almost forgot to eat dinner...oopsy but I got to it, but a bit too late :(

Needless to say and to make a long story short, my room is spotless!  Shoes, purses, accessories, everything in place.  I do have two junk drawers I have to go clean out, sometime during the weekend I will do that.

I have been in lala land all week, walking on air, still can't believe it, somebody pinch me please!!! I keep wondering if I am dreaming.  Feeling so good!!

Sincerely Yours


squirrel said…
I can really relate to procrastination. :-) I had similar difficulties but it didn't go as smoothly for me. I really wanted Wolf to help me by setting some rules. The first time I asked he wasn't a happy Master at all, admonishing me for trying to set my own rules. Granted I could have phrased my request better but it was *so* hard just to ask.

A few months later I tentatively broached the subject again. I really needed discipline to accomplish these things and I wanted his hand so badly to help me. He ended up agreeing to set some rules that have helped me a lot. It isn't perfect but I really appreciate him doing this since I think he is still not happy I initiated it again.

ah well, I'm *so* happy for you that your Master embraced this and it's working so well! (Your room sounds amazing now!)

love, squirrel
ALuv said…
@squirrel I can relate on the asking part, why is it so hard to ask? I guess for me is the fact that I didn't want him knowing i was so out of control in some areas.
I am glad your Master helped you, and I don't see as you setting your own rules, it takes a lot to admit to defeat or just when we need help about something, it takes even more to ask for help :)
((hugs squirrel))
Thank you so much, my Master is fabulous and is very understanding, best part is that i am able to go to him and he will always be so calm, kinda of ticks me off cause i am the opposite, hyper little thing *grins*

Have a beautiful day squirrel and yes, the room is amazing! feeling great!
Dee said…
Ah I can relate too! I put things off, stick my head in the sand until I'm forced to act out of desperation lol! I detest hanging clothes away and don't even mention paperwork! I admit to needing some form of motivation with these things! It's amazing how a reprimand of sorts kicks you into action eh? And once everything is in it's place, well it just kickstarts motivation and feels great.
I'm glad you got it all sorted :)
ALuv said…
thanks Dee, I am loving it!! I keep looking into my room and i can now see the floor!
and yes, it helped a lot the things he said to me yesterday, they sank in deep, it is rare when he tells me what to do and what he expects of me so when he asks I deliver...i love pleasing him..hehehe

dont you feel sometimes you work better under pressure?
Dee said…
Yes I do feel sometimes I work best under pressure. Sometimes I feel I subconsciously wait until there is a bit of pressure before I act kinda thing. Strange lol!

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