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He brightens up my day

I couldn't wait until later to write because I am so excited!!!

Today out of all days I woke up a bit late, and I find a text from him, my heart plunged down to my ass and I had a smile from ear to ear.  I kissed my phone as if it was going to kiss me back, I held on tight to my pillow almost screaming, kicking, wrapping the comforter around my entire body, and then I realized how silly I must look, and even guessing how old I am *grins wide*

A few hours later I heard the ring-tone, that magical ring-tone that pierces through my ears directly to my heart sending my entire body into a total bliss....

My hands shaking, I couldn't type.

My entire body trembling and tingly.

Squinty eyes and unable to see.

A huge smile from ear to ear making my face hurt after a long while of smiling (about an hour or so).

Afraid to get up from the chair because my knees felt so weak.

Butterflies in my tummy running wild.

I love how he makes me feel, after such a long time of knowing each other, and at his side I still feel like the first time I did when we first met.

I feel as if I got a boost of energy, and everything is brighter and even more beautiful than it was before.

I love him :)

He is feeling much better, recuperating little by little, getting his strength back and things going back to normal, and I am so happy, knowing he was wasn't feeling well and going through all of that just made me feel hopeless, because there was nothing I could do but wait, pray, hope, and wish he felt better and recuperated.

My little head is all over the place!  I am so happy I don't even know what to do with myself, I have the music blasted and looking all around to see what needs to be done.  I have a tight grip on my phone just reading his texts over and over again...I can't put it down...

he writes:

hmm, A, I have something to tell you

I was like, OMG!! and I was a bit scared...him saying it like that...and then he says...

I love you my girl

Almost fell of the chair! not because he said it, because in some strange way and reason I know he loves me, I feel his love, but is just the way he makes me feel when he says it!!  I just melt

I love how he knows me, the way he knows me *grins* hehehe

Time to get back to catching up, I cleared my morning in such a short notice, I was suppose to go out with my mom and handle a few things but when he showed up my time as always is his, I make sure I clear my schedule, I don't get to be with him as much as we both would like, and those precious moments I get the chance is priceless, everything else is dropped, and I make sure my attention is only his, for him!!

*doing silly dances all over the place*

I love how my week started :)

Thank you my Papi!

Sincerely Yours


Dee said…
You sound sooo happy! I do believe I'm smiling too :)

Dee x
Anonymous said…
So happy for you!!

Fondly. Sky
painspleasure said…
This made me smile, your excitement is catching, just those 3 little words make everything ok in the world.

tori x
ALuv said…
thank you ladies :)
Did I mention I am extremely happy? hehe, what a great day!!
thanks again!
Jack and Jill said…
The world needs more of this kind of unabashed happiness. We are very glad to read something this overwhelmingly positive! We hope it lasts forever!
ALuv said…
I also hope it lasts forever, he is just so amazingly wonderful.

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