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Update on Resolutions - January

A month has gone by already since the new year began and all the resolutions were made.
While trying to keep up with the ones I made, new ones will be added and probably improvise on others, they really need some tweeking.

Maybe keeping track on the monthly progress it will help me keep up, fix and/or try harder, I already see where I need improvement at.  *doing a silly dance*

Piece of cake ;p

Lets see how I did....

1.  Get fit - make and exercise plan and a meal plan and stick to it!! Dancing is my thing and jump rope, need to get my arms and inner thighs tone!!

I haven't done anything but walk to the train station and back when I the weather permits! (this is a 25 minute walk to and from the station) 
need to really pick my ass up and get moving, eating so much at night...I gained weight...*rolls her eyes* since stressful December til now, really must work on that, signing up with Weight Watchers.

2.  Plan a weekly menu.

Hasn't happened, I still cook but never planned...

3.  Budget! Budget! Budget!

Guess I am on a streak here, haven't done that either but I am better planned and things are going well as far as bill payments and stuff.

4.  Start a Christmas Club account - don't want it to be like 2011, I was not ready or planned

uuuh, yeah...still to do *grins*

5.  GET ON THE ROAD - Register my vehicle!

yaayyy!! finally one I can say it is done! although I wont be driving at least it is done and when I get my mother a replacement vehicle all will be all set!! so I guess this is 50 % complete

6.  Become a US citizen...yaaayyy

Working on it :) this is a priority and a must!

7.  Visit my family in DR

Will take a bit of time, but planning something for December hopefully, lets see how it goes, mom is here at the moment so those plans are at a dead stop.

8.  Organize myself and keep up!

Been doing lovely at work, I write everything I do and what I'm suppose to do, so far so good, getting things done when I have to...not so much at home, need to find balance and motivation there.

9.  Sit down on a weekly basis and review my goals, accomplishments, where I went wrong, what needs readjustment/improvement.

Also keeping up with this one, and I haven't accomplished as much as I would have liked to by this time, motivation, motivation!!! 

10.  Read a book every month!

Reading blogs counts as book reading?  
I am doing more and more of it, my lurking is just going sky high. 
Since they closed Borders is not the same buying books, it was nice sitting between the book shelves and read half the book then comeback the next day and read some more, probably finish the book *giggles* I really miss that place.  
I wonder if a kindle will help, although I just love turning the pages of a book, I sometimes bury my nose between the pages to just get that awesome smell...mmmmmmm

11.  Meditate more and learn Tai Chi!!

Meditating is going great! loving it, getting better at it, it really helps to calm me down those days when I feel the weakest and there has been plenty of those days past few months...
Tai Chi...coming soon and would like to try a bit of  yoga :)

12. Move to a bigger apartment (this is a maybe, the price for this little place is great, if I can match this price is a done deal)

Soooooo....I don't think I am going to find a better deal, so will continue with the remodeling, finish up and change some rooms around...if I want to go ahead with other plans, moving is out of the question.

13.  Travel and make plans for travel :) ... there are so many places I want to visit.

Oh yeah, this is a go already!  first trip is now in February :) will give details about my new travel explorations close to the date.

14.  Socialize more! make new friends, interact a bit more.

I have done some of it on-line, went to a fet party..hehehe, will plan more outings when I finally get to drive, easier with transportation and have more options.

15.  I almost forgot!! Work on my procrastination!! could I almost forget!

Needless to say...I did tons of it, this one will be hard to keep up with.

***New resolutions

16.  Corset training

17.  Start building my own toy box even if they are not getting used

I should add laundry to the resolutions, I suck at this chore, my room looks like a tornado went through it *blushes* maybe if I say I will feel ashamed and do something about it...NOT!
I don't know what it is about that little chore that I run from it! I can't stand it!!

In conclusion didn't do that well in some areas, lack of motivation on my behalf, I keep excusing my lack of motivation and lack of following through when I don't try hard enough or give up too easily.  Instead of thinking I really must act.

Sincerely Yours


Anonymous said…
ALuv - don't focus on what you haven't done. You are working through your list :) and even MAKING a list is great!!

I like that you break the list down into manageable tasks.

You CAN do it!! One step at a time. ;)

Fondly. Sky
ALuv said…
thanks Sky...I am doing so but take it from a procrastinator, and a good one if may say, I know I can do much better and much more if only I applied myself...aside from ENFP, I am also ADHD...
I think I manage well considering...and thank you again!! doing it!
Dru said…
It's great to see that you are reviewing your resolutions and progress on them. I need to borrow this approach as it's the only way that I'll stick to my resolutions and be accountable to myself for realising them. I am so behind on mine, I even wonder sometimes why I wrote them down lol. I haven't been working out but I have a 15min walk to the shuttle station daily. That counts as working out yah? LOL.
Jack and Jill said…
First of all - damn! That's an impressively hefty list of resolutions. Second of all, good job reassessing after the first month. Don't beat yourself up too hard over not achieving them all. The year is barely started. Keep yourself on task, but do focus on what you have managed to accomplish.
Dee said…
Resolutions? What resolutions? Lol!
You have a pretty big list there ALuv. I must ask, what is corset training exactly? I'm very sure your thoughts or experience with corsets are way different than mine :/

Dee x
ALuv said…
@Dru - I have to write things down to keep track of myself and them. I think your walking to the shuttle and my walking to the train station counts as exercise for sure!

@J&J - thanks, not trying to be hard on myself and I have accomplished much, the more I read it the more I realize what I have done so far, going great! and proud of myself :)

@Dee - really? you think is that long? some of those are old, I have been trying to accomplish them for years and never really got around to it, lets see how it goes now, so far so good.
Corset training - well, I just want to wear them *grins* I like the way it shapes the body, how they look on; I love looking at them online, different colors, the materials they are made of...not really trying to do that extreme thing I have seen on youtube while researching, just want a little help to shape up the body a bit.

Ya'll have a super duper Super Bowl Sunday!! Go Pats!!!
I am worn out just reading them. I made a resolution to not make any more resolutions so far I am sticking to it pretty well.
ALuv said…
@babygirlsneedlove2 I went a few years not making them, I don't like to seem them just as resolutions but also goals, I break resolutions often but when I set goals I really go after them :)
I am going to tackle each and everyone of them, and the list will grow with time

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