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Can't touch this

I didn't do my TMI Tuesday, when I was thinking about the answers I really couldn't think of mind was blank.

Perhaps all I was thinking about was not been able to touch myself because I was told not to do so, the fact that I can't do it when I want to makes me want to do it more.

It is like when you tell a child not to touch something, their curiosity will get the best out of them and they will want to touch, not because they want to disobey, but because they can't, not allowed to, unable to do it, because it is prohibited...

Ever since he told me not to touch myself all I can think about is my tiny clit hiding between my slit calling my name out, begging me!! peer pressure, oh my, oh my...the peer pressure, how can something so little is able to have so much power...*shivers*

My first orgasm was just a few years ago...yeah, I know!! I really never thought I would actually have one of those! Yes, I cum all the time but cumming while playing with my clit and having an internal orgasm is not the same at all, not the same feeling, both good, but hot diggity damn!!!! mmm mmm mmmmmmm!! *pants*


I think I will have to blame meditation for this one, but one day I was able to orgasm without having to touch myself, I couldn't believe it! I wanted that feeling again, so for days I tried, and I tried and nothing.  several months later I was having one of those moments before I get my period in which youporn becomes my best friend for a day and all i can think about is playing with myself, and doing it, of course...that particular day I did something different, I laid on my bed and started to recollect moments with 'him' and adding my own little details into it, before I knew it my body was shaking, tingling, I was panting, moaning, tight grip on the sheets and a smile of satisfaction that I was proud of.

So he tells me that if I can cum like that to go ahead and do it, but I can only touch myself when he tells me to do so *grins* hehe, i hope he breaks down on this cause my hands are itchy for puuuussy!!!

Why must we desire what we can't have, what we can't do? 

I told my Master, I go weeks without touching myself, and we had a moment and I just went wild, and of course I share everything with him...joking around I told him that I had played with myself so much my eyes were almost in the back of my head *sucks in her cheeks* it was just an expression, I think he took it serious, can't blame him ;p he just wants to take care of his girly girl..haha, and I just want to touch myself...there has to be a compromise somewhere *grins*

I am loving it, the power, the control, and the best willing I am to obey and please him :)

Sincerely Yours


Anonymous said…
So happy for you, that you and your Master are connecting!

Fondly, Sky
ALuv said…
hiii Sky ((hugs))
thank you!
Master is Mastering his girl!
I am in a bit of a shock in a way wondering, is this really happening? am i really feeling this way?

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