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End of the Week!

Feel like I have been away from here for way too long, nonetheless it has been just a few days!

didn't do my TMI this week because of the malware attack :( but ready for next week.

For 3 days I haven't been able to touch myself or cum...Yes, I am restricted (somehow that sounds so erotic to me).  I forgot to eat on Wednesday, ate very late, Thursday same thing...and when I told my Master (it was not voluntary information either, he asked, I had to tell him the truth) sooo, here I am punished, restricted...and oooh the pain!!!

Last night I was laying on the couch watching TV, I couldn't help it, I felt sooo turned on...

restriction = Aluv horny

To make a long story short...I got up because I felt so wet and when I looked...there it was! a huge wet spot!
Of course I had to take a pic because I couldn't believe it...and it made me real proud!!

Been feeling really submissive this entire diary has 77 post as of today...can't stop writing, can't stop expressing my feelings...and I really have much to express!!

Been having summer weather all week and hopefully we will have the same luck during the weekend.
I don't have any plans, only thing is spending time with my Master :) best plan ever!
Making arrangements to go to NY to see my friend who is vacationing from Belgium...might have to take a day off from work to do that...I will just call it a mental health day...hehehe

....I am really going nuts here, can't concentrate, all I have in mind is my Master and my coochy!!

today my restriction will be lifted!! I sooo hope so!!

Back to work...

Everyone enjoy your Friday and the nice weather if you are having one...

Sincerely yours


Jack and Jill said…
Once again, we are very glad you're back! This was such an exciting post! The wet spot looks great and you should be proud! The other night while engaging in a very exciting chat with someone, Jill had to lay down a towel or the couch would have had a similar spot.

Love the second shot as well! Your cleavage looks beautiful as always, but your lips give me a funny feeling in my pants.

Uma said…
Wow, that was really hot!

The wetness gave me a bulge. Cleavage seems like a valley full of mouth watering rose milk.

Glad to hunt down this post.


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