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Friday night

Had a great Friday :)

Master still only allows me touch myself once a day...*bummer*

Since he is busy for the weekend I needed desperately to stay busy as well.

My friend Darryl called and asked what I was doing and as usual, nothing much...he was having some friends come over to watch movies, drink, and pig out, I put on some comfy mismatch jammies and to his house I went!

Of course since he knows I am in the eating right thing, he was kind enough to buy me some sushi type of rolls, yummy!! and how sweet of him :)

Of course since St. Patty's Day was just around the corner (today) he had his corned beef and cabbage ready, tons of Irish beer o.O he was ready to celebrate.

I made myself comfortable on the couch, laid back, and enjoyed the show.  We watched the Fast/Furious Five and The Tourist...I will never stop saying how great Johnny Depp is, that man can take any role and tare it up!!

I got home at almost 3 AM, first time in I don't know how long I stay out that late *giggles*

I really enjoyed Darryl wants to make a movie and a game, damn some people can't have friends over for one night, they want to make it a (just kidding)

Woke up extremely late, drove around like always...did I mention I am horny as hell this days?  Just thought I should throw that in there...clean tons just to keep my mind occupied...away from Master and my cooch, since those are the only two things I seem to be only thinking about...but anyways..

Streets and bars are full, green all over the place, Massachusetts is huge on the Irish as most of you know, does not matter what day St. Patty falls in you best believe that night is going to be a huge party.  We celebrate just about all here, Italian fest, Hispanic week, Greek fest, Portuguese, you name it...we got it, we even have smoke fest too...go figure!!!

I love it!

Listening to music, doing a bit of Second Life, enjoying the rest of the night and get ready for my Sunday...

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! tons of love and blessings to the Blog World!!

Sincerely Yours


Jack and Jill said…
Sounds like a great Friday! We enjoyed corned beef (no cabbage) and soda bread Saturday night, along with Jameson and Guinness. Happy St. Patrick's Day!
ALuv said…
I didn't have beer but I did have a shot of one of the sweet drinks, I didnt have corned beef and cabbage, must try it one day. I hope you guys enjoyed the weekend and the weather there is as nice as here...we are having summer weather.
Have a great week

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