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how things are going so far...

Lost 4 pounds already...eating right, small meals through the day, keeps me full and jump started my metabolism :)

Corset will be here in 4 weeks!!


Next weekend going toy shopping - candles, nipple clamps, *a leather strap (for spanking) at his request* and a blindfold. 

As of today I will start to wear certain body jewelry...also at his request :) yaaay!! Master is making requests!!! hehehe *blushing*

The NO touching is going well, seems like I want it more now than I did before, I am constantly wet, slippery and thinking of him in the most insane ways...good thing he gave me permission to touch myself "once" a day from today til the end of the weekend *yaaayy*
I am wondering if I don't play with myself today and tomorrow, will I be able to do it 3 times on Saturday?  I should have asked him.

I am feeling very submissive...when he logs in or texts me I just want to plunge down to my knees, crawl to his feet and embrace those nice long legs *grins*

Something like this: Us in SecondLife at our house :)

mmmmm sweet :)

The way he makes me feel brings out a certain glow, my eyes are sparkly, my cheeks are blushy most of the time, my skin is gorgeous this days :) and I think my pheromones are just attracting too much attention...I feel like a bitch in heat and all this dogs around trying to hit it!  Yes, I am a sexual little creature, my demure, the way I talk, move my hands, body language, walk...etc..I have always been like that, but now it has been enhanced...was doing a lecture the other day and one of my trainees told me he couldn't handle the lecture because I was giving him and the rest of the guys a hard on...go figure!! yes, he got into a bit of trouble with me for saying that, I really wanted to give him student of the month award and a gift card, and that also went with anyone else who had a hard on...but is work *rolls her eyes* I do appreciate the compliment!!


Wishing everyone a great Thirsty Thursday and head to Frisky in the 916 for the naughty hangout, guarantee you will love it!!

Sincerely Yours


Jack and Jill said…
Thanks for linking to us! Any chance of pictures when the corset arrives? Your SecondLife avatars are hot! ;)
ALuv said…
oh no thank you!! love it!
of course pics will be posted when the corset arrives, i am thrilled!!
and yes, my Punky is hot and him..mmmmm hehe *drools*

thanks for stopping :)

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