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New Toy and more stuff

No is not a sex toy *laughs*

Is a phone!!!

I have been playing with it all day and trying to update it.  Is a Windows7 phone, and so far loving it.  It has been a pain updating it thought, getting error codes, but I finally did it, I got it working and is updating, started a while ago, and still going.

The weather was wonderful today, like summer out just about, bit windy but other than that very grateful for this amazing day we were given.

Doing great! with my Master - although we haven't been able to spend time with each other we talk/IM every single day...such a great feeling...he still watching over my eating, today he caught me off guard when he asked me how I  was doing, man really means business and taking care of his assets! lol.  Of course since I have been busy this days, I've forgotten a few times and eaten late others, but getting it under control.  It just really amazed me when he asked me, I wasn't really expecting it *giggles*

I haven't been spending much time at home, I feel I am always on the run...get out of work, pick up mom, drop her off, home, get my daughter at work, home....ugh!! does it ever end?  I am getting tired, it was easier when I didn't have a car...

ohh and I have some Good News!
My daughter acquired her driving permit!! yaaay! very soon I will be driven instead of driving :) I like that!

Mom is coming this weekend to stay for a few days, I hope she doesn't get too comfortable.  I know we are going to bump heads, beginning with the time I wake up, time spent in the computer, how I take it so easy doing things, how I don't let things bother me...and the list goes on. I am going to have to meditate hard and long for those days!

Work has been kicking my ass!  So many students, and like 10 more coming this month :-o nooooooo *bangs her head on the desk* I can't take it!  I really need another job, working with people is draining me, I need something less demanding and less stressful.  It gets so hard trying to understand so many people, dealing with so many personalities, and I can't make everyone happy, I try, but dang, they just get harder and harder, the older they are, the worse they are.  Go figure!!!

I can't wait for the weekend, well, in a way, we have a dinner Saturday at my sisters house and on Sunday I have a previous engagement I completely forgot about, that will be after 6pm, ugh...I think my Master is suppose to be around that day, yeah, go figure.

Overall It has been a great week, I need to catch up on my lurking, will probably will take Friday night for that, suppose to be cold, some hot cocoa with tiny marshmallows, maybe drop a spoon full of Fluff *rolls her eyes innocently* or will be perfect reading my fave blogs while sipping on that sweet hot cocoa, leaving a mustache of melted marshmallow along my top lip which I will so enjoy enjoy licking off...

Still updating the phone, is taking a very long, long, long time.

Happy Thirsty Thursday

Sincerely Yours


Jack and Jill said…
Cool phone! We hope you like it. I have an HTC phone as well, though mine is a Droid.

Glad things are going well and congratulations to your daughter on getting her permit. Still, we are amazed to learn that you have a daughter who is old enough to drive!

From the sound of it, your mom is a lot like my Dad. :)

ALuv said…
so far I am liking it, spending way too much playing with it, at least the little bit of time I have in between tasks.
*lol* oh yees, that was my middle child who got the permit *grins* I feel very young, young spirit too :)))

my mom is a Leo and trust me, she acts it too!!

Thanks for visiting ((hugs))

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